Chapters 7-12 By Dawn

Chapter 7 The Five-Dimensional Door

Clary wanders around Madame Dorothea’s apartment, checking things out. Jace and Clary bicker over magic while Dorothea makes them tea.

At tea. Dorothea admits her mother was a witch but she watches and guards. She then tries to read Clary’s tea leaves, but Dorothea thinks they’re confusing. Jace is told there is much violence in his future and that he will fall in love with the wrong person.

Dorthea reveals her friendship with Clary’s mom Jocelyn and that she helped keep them hidden from Valentine. Jace discovers a door, a portal, and asks Dorothea about it. It’s actually a 5 dimensional door and could be used to escape Valentine if necessary.

Clary steps through the door……..

Chapter 8 Weapon of Choice

After free-falling, Clary lands on her hip and shoulder. A few seconds later, Jace lands on top of her. They look around and Clary realizes they’re at Luke’s house. Clary and Jace decide to try to get inside Luke’s house, but Simon shows up. Simon had been lurking in the bushes – he was worried about Clary, especially when he saw Luke packing weapons.

Clary explains the current situation to Simon. There is obvious contention between Jace and Simon, but that doesn’t stop Simon from inviting himself to join them.

Inside the apartment, they find manacles and blood. Clary is worried for Luke. Suddenly, they see Luke coming back and he’s with 2 warlocks. Simon, Jace and Clary hide. While listening, the warlocks reveal that Valentine sent them. The warlocks mention the Mortal Cup – Valentine hopes Jocelyn will tell him where she hid it, but she hasn’t woken up yet. The warlocks reveal that Valentine is searching for Clary too. They tell Luke that they would trade Jocelyn for the mortal cup.

Clary is pretty upset and Jace announces those warlocks killed his father.

Chapter 9 The Circle and The Brotherhood

They decide to leave Luke’s house and go back to Jace’s home. When they arrive Isabelle is making soup. Simon is instantly taken with Isabelle, he just stares at her.

Jace and Clary go off to find Hodge, while Simon stays with Isabelle and eats her soup. During their search Jace reveals that Isabelle is one of the best Shadow-hunters he has ever known and Alec has never fought a demon.

They recount what has happened to Hodge and he tells them the Circle is rising again. He reads a quote from the oath of loyalty of the Circle of Raziel. They were a group of Shadowhunters lead by Valentine. They wanted to wipe out the Downworlders to return the world to a more pure state. They planned to slaughter all the Downworlders in hopes of setting off a war. Hodge reveals he was a member of the Circle. He then reveals that Jocelyn was Valentine’s wife.

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1) What do you think Dorothea guards?

2) Why is there such contention between Jace and Simon?

3) Were you surprised by Simon’s reaction to Isabelle?

4) What do you think of the Circle of Raziel?

5) Were you surprised to find out that Hodge was a member of the Circle?

6) How do you feel about Jocelyn being Valentine’s wife?