Chapter 16- 18 (Britta/ Chris)

The big surprise was Disneyland! Damen and Ever arrive at the theme park and she is somewhat shocked by this un-ordinary date for teenagers. She goes along with it anyways, and enjoys the day playing in ‘New Orleans’. The day is perfect because Ever gets too feel completely normal with Damen by her side, she can be at a theme park full of people and not have a care in the world. By evening Damen whisks her off to the Sleeping Beauty castle to view the fireworks and asks for her forgiveness. Ever is mesmerized by the display but then soon realizes that the fireworks have taken shape of red tulips – the flower that Damen always gives her. They leave the park with Damen insisting to follow her home, and during the drive Ever is on cloud nine because she finally has a boyfriend and feels normal again. Haven disrupts her daydreams by calling her and letting her know that Evangeline is missing…since Halloween. But Ever becomes quickly distracted by the fact that Damen is longer following her, but she does hear that Haven and Drina left their poor friend along on Halloween night, in LA. Ever hangs up and realizes that she doesn’t even have her new boyfriends cell number…

Chapter 17

Damen attempts to call Ever late that night, but Ever is done with his games. She wakes up grouchy and having to deal with Riley’s questions, and when she gets snappy with her little sister, she gets even worse news. Riley announces that she doesn’t have to be there, meaning she is doing Ever a favor by hanging around and this crushes Ever. Apparently Riley has been seeing the psychic Ava and Riley now thinks that maybe she is meant to be somewhere else…

That morning Ever rides solo to school only to find Damen waiting for her. He tries to act like nothing happened the night before by kissing and holding her. Ever shakes him off and questions him about Drina being at Disneyland yesterday when they were, he just explains that he is only interested in her. Damen tells her he is going to skip school again today, but Ever is biting so he leaves and promises to see her after school. Later that day in History, Ever gets caught up in memories of her old life and she becomes very upset causing her to leave class abruptly. She runs into Stacia in the hallway, and she learns so much more about her nemesis. But with everything going on lately and Stacia constantly picking on her, she gives into her abilities… She rips Stacia a new one and reveals all the secrets that Stacia keeps, which freaks her out. Later at lunch Ever sits with Haven while Miles is dazzling the theater peeps, and Haven explains that she tried to dye her hair, but failed miserably. Haven shows Ever a peek of the tattoo that she is getting…but the glimpse only freaks Ever out.

Chapter 18

After school Damen is waiting for Ever at her house. She invites him in and they go upstairs to her room, only to find Riley there waiting to apologize for this morning. Damen doesn’t appear to notice her dead little sister, but Ever is still un-nerved. Riley plays her usual tricks on the living because they can’t see her, but when Damen purposely avoids her swinging legs, Ever and Riley now something is up. They hang out and talk all afternoon, Ever questions him about his perfection. She is amazed how he can do everything so perfect, so she asks him if he has anything he fails at. Damen tries to joke but finally admits to the truth…he sucks at love and goodbyes.

Ever and Damen decide to go for a swim. While swimming, Ever questions him on why he is so hot and cold with her, she just gets so confused by his actions. Damen once again doesn’t really explain much other than he never meant to hurt her and if he did he was truly sorry. Ever is silent for now, but again another burning question presents itself…how does he manage to pull tulips from thin air? He just simply says it’s magic…which Ever believes that doesn’t exist.


Ever’s House
Ever’s School

1. Why do you think Damen took Ever to Disneyland?
2. What do you think happened to Evangline? And what happened to Damen on the ride home?
3. Why is Riley still with Ever, how do you think that happened?
4. What is up with Haven’s new attitude and the new tattoo…what do you predict will happen?
5. What do you think Damen means by saying he sucks at love and goodbyes?

1. “I hear it’s the happiest place on earth.” – Damen page 103
2. But Pirates has Johnny Depp, so that kind of gives it an unfair advantage, don’t think?” – Ever page 105
3. Our little visits. I don’t have to do this. – Riley page 112
4. “Stay away from me freak. Because if you don’t, I swear to God you’ll regret it.” – Stacia page 119
5.”Why do you want to wreck this perfect illusion you have of me?” – Damen page 125