Chapters 28-32 By Dawn

Chapter 28

Immediately following the festival, Miles, Haven and Ever head to the beach. They’ve all been drinking and Ever is agitated about Drina’s party.

Ever continues to drown out her psychic abilities with alcohol. She begins to dress differently and behave irrationally. Stacia catches Ever drinking at school and she takes a picture. Ever pays her off, reimbursement for a dress that was ruined. The day ends with Ever getting suspended but it doesn’t deter her from going home and drinking more alcohol.

Chapter 29

It’s nearing Christmas and Ever is still a mess. She drinks until she falls asleep. When she wakes, there’s a black feather on her pillow and she knows Damen has been there. Ever looks around and sees a painting with a pale blond girl running through a foggy canyon. She grabs Sabine’s keys and heads for PCH. Miles calls her as she’s driving and suddenly Drina grabs the phone. It was all a set up to get Ever in a place where Drina has control.

Chapter 30

Drina taunts Ever, letting her know that drinking was how Drina could affect her mind. Drina wanted Ever to think it was Damon leading her to the canyon. Ever tries to get away from Drina, but Drina is way too strong. Drina admits she’s been the one responsible for killing Ever in her past lives.

Drina lets Ever go, to play cat and mouse, and Ever takes off running trying to escape. Drina catches her and causes her to fall. The fall breaks Ever’s nose.

Drina dribbles on and on about how she took Ever’s best friend away and how she got Miles the part in Hairspray. Ever tries to defend herself, to no avail. Drina taunts her over and over again until Ever grabs and rock and hits her. It doesn’t do much damage because Drina can heal herself. And then….Ever heals herself which shocks Drina.

Chapter 31

Ever heads toward Drina, to harm her while she still can but she’s sidetracked by a shimmering veil-like circle of light (Summerland) – Ever heads toward it. Damen is there, he tells her she is safe, for the moment. He explains that Summerland is like a dimension between dimensions. He teaches her to imagine something and it shows up there. Damen reveals that he found Ever there after her parents’ car accident. He also tells Ever that he made her an immortal when he found her in Summerland. He talks to her about manifesting, about love being able to heal.

Damon gives Ever a choice: live or die. It’s totally up to her. Damen learns that Drina has killed Ever over and over again. He feels guilty for getting Ever involved. After Ever asks a bunch of questions, Damen begins to tell her about his past. Damen’s father was an alchemist and Damen perfected his father’s work, thus creating an immortal. He met Drina (Poverina) at an orphanage. He shared his knowledge with Drina and she became an immortal too. But the story doesn’t end there….Damen married Drina. (that knowledge doesn’t sit too well with Ever to say the least.)

Damen begins to tell Ever the rules of being an immortal: guard against the misuse of power, be discreet. Damen also tells Ever how she can defeat Drina, if she chooses to. He turns to leave but he lets Ever know that if she needs him, if she loves him and wants to accept being immortal and live, he will always be there for her. Damen explains that Ever must forgive herself to move on. Ever kisses Damen and then she’s back in her room.

Chapter 32-34

Miles talks to Ever, asking why she never showed up at the party. Drina never showed up either.

Later Ever asks Sabine to have dinner with her. As soon as Sabine leaves for work, Riley shows up. Riley explains that she’s been unable to come through to Ever due to Ever’s drinking. Riley has had to watch Ever self destruct. Riley encourages Ever to go to Ava for help.

Ever decides to see Ava, but she gets angry and blames Ava for Riley not coming around much. Ava explains that Riley staying prevents her from being with her family on the other side of Summerland. Ever doesn’t want to let Riley go, but she knows it’s the right thing to do.

Riley shows up again on Christmas morning and Ever is thrilled. She has stopped drinking and is working on getting her life back together.

By Valentine’s day, things are back to normal. Before her 6th period class, Ever is given a lollipop with the note “Thinking of you always” Damen.


1. How do you feel about Ever turning to alcohol to deal with her problems?

2. Do you think it was the alcohol that gave Ever the courage to dress differently?

3. What did you think of Drina’s admission that she’s responsible for Ever’s death in past lives?

4. Were you surprised that Ever could heal herself too?

5. Do you feel Damen had the right to change Ever when she was in Summerland after the accident?

6. Damen revealed a lot of information to Ever, what did you think of his past, of him marrying Drina, of him having no idea what Drina has been doing to Ever?

7. Do you think Ever was being selfish by not letting Riley go?

8. Why do you think Ever won’t call out to Damen to come back or help her?