Chapters 19-22- Britta












Ever’s House

Ever’s Room

The Beach

The Cave

The Racetrack


Ever is disappointed to find that Damen is not in school. At lunch, Haven alerts them that there has been no word on Evangeline’s whereabouts for the last six days. Miles and Haven also argue about Drina’s presence in her life. Ever can’t help but agree with Miles’ unspoken opinion that Drina is arrogant and full of trouble. Haven becomes angry at their judgments, saying that Drina has been a better friend to her. Miles disagrees, and tells Haven to calm down. Ever observes that the tattoo on Haven’s wrist is complete, and she wonders at the name of the mythical creature that looks to be a snake eating its own tail. Haven explains that it is called an Ouroboros, and Ever sees its tongue flicker. Miles explains that it is an ‘ancient symbol for eternal life, creation out of destruction, life out of death, and immortality.’ Ever suggests that Haven get her wrist checked because it looks to be infected, but Haven’s aura immediately sparks and she replies defensively that she is fine. Haven mentions that they never seem to be worried about Damen, who never shows up to school anymore, and storms off.

When Ever gets home, Damen is waiting for her, against his car. Ever gives him the cold shoulder. Damen tells her that he has made reservations for them and leads her to his car. Damen takes her to the race track. Ever is cautious about being there, and reminds him that gambling is illegal. Damen replies that rules are meant to be bent and broken. Ever is surprised at how crowded the racetrack is on a weekday, and wonders how Damen spends all of his free time. Damen insists that he purchase a gift for her with his winnings, and they settle on a silver, crystal bracelet. Damen never wants her to forget this day. Ever wonders why she would, and Damen shrugs, but she observes the bereft look in his eyes, and hopes to forget that.

Damen drives her home, and asks her if he can come in. Ever pushes him away in an effort to stop herself from giving in so easily. She tells him that she will see him at school. Damen sighs, hoping that there is an alternative, but agrees to play it her way for now.

As Ever prepares for school, she and Riley gossip about celebrities. Sabine pops in, and Ever already knows that Sabine feels guilty about telling her that she will be spending the weekend with Jeff. Ever feigns ignorance as Sabine explains everything. Ever knows that Jeff isn’t who Sabine believes him to be, but decides to leave it alone. Ever considers that with Sabine gone, she and Damen can move their relationship to the next level. Ever wishes Sabine well.

On the way to school, Ever and Miles gossip further about celebrities. Damen is waiting for her at school. Miles goes to class, and Damen tries to lure Ever out of school once again. Ever tries to hold her ground, but is easily swayed. During the drive, Ever takes in her surroundings, feeling fortunate to live there. But she is soon reminded of how she came to live there, and becomes disheartened.

At the restaurant they drink milkshakes. Ever slides one to Damen, and ponders that she never sees him eat. Before that thought can go any further he takes a big gulp of milkshake. They walk down to the beach and Damen leads her to a hidden cave. Once settled there, Damen asks her why she hides under hoodies and baggy jeans, and if she knows how beautiful she is. Ever becomes bashful and looks away, beginning to cry. They kiss, and begin to go further, but Ever stops him. She turns away, Damen molds his body to hers, and whispers that it was all right, and that she should sleep. When she wakes up, Damen is nowhere to be found. Ever stumbles out of the cave, and is disappointed. She finds a note from Damen explaining that he went surfing and would be back. Ever glances at two surfers, none of which are Damen.

Ever pulls into the driveway of her house, and sees Riley on the front steps. Ever notices that Riley is quiet. Riley admits that she spent the day with Ava, and Ever becomes angry. Riley explains that Ava has made her think about the choices she’s made. Ever wonder’s what Ava could possibly be right about, and Riley replies that Ava said that she’s not supposed to be here. Ever becomes overwhelmed with anxiety. She cannot lose her, because Riley is all that she has left. Riley jokes about being able to live a teenager’s life vicariously through Ever, but wonder’s if Ava is right about her being there.

Before Ever can respond to her, the doorbell rings, and Riley disappears. Ever cries out for Riley, not wanting to end the conversation this way, but realizes it’s futile. Haven is at the door with news that Evangeline is dead. Ever is shocked at the news, and sees Damen approaching. Haven breaks down feeling a bit of responsibility for Evangeline’s death. Haven says that she is on her way to Drina’s. Ever can’t shake the suspicion that Drina’s relationship with Haven is more than what it seems, somehow connected. Damen grabs Haven’s wrist, demanding where she got the tattoo that now seems severely infected. Haven snatches her hand away, and explains that Drina gave her some salve to put on the tattoo which would take three days to work. Damen questions if Haven has the salve with her, and Haven becomes even more annoyed with the questioning. Haven uses this as her cue to leave. Ever calls after her, but Haven ignores her, causing her to wonder what has happened to her friend. Ever feels as if she hardly knows Haven since Drina arrived.

Ever turns her attention to Damen, saying that with Evangeline dead, and Haven hating her, she hoped he caught some killer waves. Damen says that he did, and that he raced over to Ever’s house after seeing she had left him. Ever doesn’t believe his story, even as he points out his salt water drenched wet suit. Ever asks how he found out about Evangeline, and wonders at Drina, and Haven’s tattoo. Damen sits down beside her, and says that this is all his fault, and wonders if they should continue. Ever asks if he is breaking up with her. Damen says that he isn’t, but leaves the statement dangling. Ever becomes frustrated with his cryptic statements. She connects Haven’s tattoo, Evangeline’s death and Damen’s leaving her, together. But, Damen says that they aren’t related with each other. Damen remarks that Haven seems to be quite lost, and that Drina probably loves the attention. He further remarks that Ever should be glad that Haven transferred her attention from himself to Drina; that there’s no one standing in between them. But Ever knows there is something between them. Damen promises that he didn’t ditch her, and that He would never push her to do anything she wasn’t ready for. He knows how to wait.



“Fine. We’ll Play it your way. For Now…” (Damen, 136)

“There’s just something about him, something more than strange magic tricks and disappearing acts. I mean, for one thing, this guy never eats” (Ever, 142).

“…all I know is that Evangeline is dead, Haven’s wrist is a red oozing mess, you ditched me at the beach because it wouldn’t go all the way, and now you’re breaking up with me” (Ever, 152).

“I’m not sure how to say this, and I hope you won’t take it the wrong way, but he’s a little odd…I mean, he lives in this big house over in Newport Coast, which is strange enough considering his age and all. I mean where does he get the money? Because it’s not like he works” (Riley, 163)


1. What do you think is going on between Haven and Drina?

2. What is Damen’s connection to Drina?

3. What do you believe Damen needs to drink to keep his energy up?

4. What kind of ‘supernatural being’ do you suspect Damen is?

5. Because of Ever’s ability to read minds and see aura’s do you believe that she is already supernatural?

6. Do you believe that Haven is more deeply connected that is led on?