Chapter 12 & 13 – by Chris

Ever is shocked to find out that she didn’t ‘see’ the psychic coming to her party. But she just blows it off, and lets her aunt have some fun. The party is going well, but Ever needs some fresh air and a break from the swirling auras. She heads outsides and thinks about Damen, and how he can take away all the noise and bright colors. She lets herself hope, because for the first time since the accident…she feels like a normal teenage girl.

Damen comes outside to join her, and makes small talk of Marie & Axel – their counterparts for the evening. Ever grows excited at the fact that she feels like a normal girl with a crush, and getting to experience it. After some chit chat, she gets annoyed with him because he won’t make a move…this is her first night in a very long time that she feels alive, so she takes advantage of it….by making the move herself.
(Chapter 13)
Ever is absolutely blown away by Damen’s kiss, this is an once-in-a-lifetime kind of first kiss. Ever doesn’t want to stop kissing him, that is until Haven comes outside and catches them in the act. She announces that she is leaving the party because her new friend Drina showed to take her somewhere else. Damen freaks out the mention of Drina’s name and takes off, all the while Ever tries to talk to Haven about her betrayal. They both catch up with Damen who is talking with this new girl named Drina.

As Ever sees her, she is instantly filled with dread, because she is dressed as Marie…but only better. This beautiful green-eyed woman looks perfect next to Damen, and it kills Ever. She instantly wants to know how they all know each other. Drina claims that her and Damen go way back, and Haven met her at the new Vampire night club. Damen stays behind with Ever instead of going to the other party, but he soon leaves too. Ever realizes he is nothing but a player and pimp…and she is a pawn in his game.To make things even worse, Ever’s aunt tracks her down and wants her to get a reading from the psychic, which Ever believes to be a phony. But she knows more than Ever thought, she knows about her sister and her gifts…but it all of that still doesn’t change the fact that Ever wants nothing to do with her….

Ever’s House



1. Why do you think Ever is so drawn to Damen, even though he seems to be a bad guy?
2. What would you do in Ever’s situation, would you act like a normal girl and chase after the boy…or keep your guard up?
3. What do you think are Damen’s motives? Why is he all of the sudden interested in Ever again?
4. At this point, who do you think Drina is? What is she to Damen? (when you first read this chapter)

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