Chapters 35-37 – Dawn

Chapter 35

Ever races home to show Riley her Valentine’s lollipop. Riley is there waiting on the couch. Ever begins to question her about why she’s not with their parents and Buttercup. Ever lets Riley know that she should be with them and stop coming to her. Riley and Ever have an intense discussion about their parents. It ends with Ever telling Riley to stop coming to her, as they both cry about it. But it ends in them laughing together.

Chapter 36

Once Riley is gone, Ever has a good cry. Next, Ever looks up the meaning of certain flowers and realized that Damen has been testing her all along. He has been trying to see what her feelings are and if she will accept or reject her new life.

Ever has an epiphany, she has always loved Damen, from the very beginning.

Chapter 37

Ever heads downstairs to get some ice cream and Drina is there. Drina proceeds to mock and make fun of Ever. Drina taunts Ever about causing the accident that killed her family. Drina and Ever fight and Ever is beyond angry at Drina for killing her family. As Drina tries to kill Ever, Ever reaches inside herself to find the love and laughter. Once Ever regains her power, she throws Drina across the room. Drina laughs, but comes right back at her. Ever again throws her and she goes through the French door, breaking the glass. Just when Ever thinks she may have the upper hand, Drina causes pain in Ever’s head. But Ever will not give up, not after knowing Drina is responsible for the accident. Ever swings her fist toward Drina and is shocked when she hits her in the chest. Ever closes her eyes, thinking this is the end, but when she opens her eyes Drina is struggling with her hands on her chest.

Drina cries out to Damen, who tells her it’s time for her to go. Drina shrivels up and dies. Ever is confused but Damen explains that she hit Drina in one of her chakras.

Ever finally tells Damen she loves him and he promises to teach her all he knows.


1. Were you surprised that Ever decided to be unselfish and let go of Riley?

2. Did you think Ever would admit she has always loved Damen?

3. What did you think when you found out Drina killed Ever’s parents?

4. Did you think Drina would just kill Ever? How do you think Ever won that fight?

5. What kinds of obstacles do you think will be in Ever and Damen’s future?

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