Chapters 10-12 – by Dawn

Chapter 10 Do Not Enter Without The Express Permission of Regulus Arcturus Black

Harry has stumbled upon RAB the letters on the locket. He calls to Hermione who calls to Ron. They realize it’s Sirius Black’s brother who was also a death eater.

Harry questions Kreacher about the locket. Kreacher tells him Mundungus Fletcher stole it. Kreacher also explains how he ended up serving the Dark Lord at Regulus’s orders. Kreacher had been abandoned in the cave, where Harry and Dumbledore found one of the horcruxes.
After Kreacher returned to the Blacks, Regulus had him go back to the cave and exchange the lockets. Kreacher tried to destroy it, but he couldn’t.

Harry gives Kreacher orders to find Mundungus and bring him back.

Chapter 11 The Bride

Days later, they’re still waiting for Kreacher, but they see a couple of men looking around near the Black house which the men cannot see.

Remus Lupin shows up at the house to bring Harry, Ron, Hermione up to date. Remus tells them that Voldemort has taken over the Ministry of Magic. The Ministry is now going after Muggle-borns to register.

Remus asks if Harry has a mission from Dumbledore. Harry does, but he can’t give more detail. Remus then offers his protection to the group as they continue on this mission. Harry declines after Remus tells him that Tonks is pregnant, but first, Harry deliberately goads Remus about leaving his wife and child.

Once Remus left, Harry read the Daily Prophet. He sees a photo of the Dumbledore family. He realizes he needs to go to Godric’s Hollow. But suddenly Kreacher reappears with Mundungus.
After questioning Mundungus, he tells them that a “Ministry hag” took it from him in Diagon Alley.

Chapter 12 Magic is Might

Kreacher has had a change of heart. He’s cleaning and cooking and showing Harry some respect!

Ron, Harry and Hermione discuss current news and how to get into the Ministry of Magic unnoticed.

Harry has a vision of Voldemort murdering a woman. Voldemort wants Gregorovitch, but why?

The next morning, they set off to carry out their plan to get into the Ministry. They manage to get in but the place is crawling with Death Eaters and danger because of their disguises.


Questions for consideration:
1. Were you surprised to find out that the lockets had been exchanged? that Regulus had turned on the Dark Lord?
2. How did you feel about the Ministry forcing Muggle-borns to register? What do you think that means?
3. Why do you think Umbridge wanted the locket? How did she find out what it was?
4. Why does Voldemort need Gregorovitch?
5. Is there anything you’d like to discuss from these chapters?