Chapters 16-19 By Dawn

Chapter 16 Godric’s Hollow

The next day, Harry and Hermione eat in silence, both upset over what has happened. They move their camp and continue trying to figure out the location of Gryffindor’s sword. Days and weeks pass as winter sets in.

One day, Hermione calls Harry over to look at the symbol on the book The Tales of the Beedle the Bard. They figure out it’s Grindelwald’s mark.

They decide to check Godric’s Hollow for the sword. Hermione thinks Bathilda Bagshot was entrusted with the sword. When they arrive, they look around the cemetery first. They see names they recognize and a statue of Harry’s parents.

Chapter 17 Bathilda’s Secret

When Harry and Hermione see Harry’s old home (where Voldemort killed his parents) they are shocked to find it overgrown but mostly standing.

As they read the sign and signatures of support, a woman comes toward them. She can obviously see the old cottage too. The stranger is Bathilda and she beckons them to come with her. In Bathilda’s home, Harry sees a picture of the “thief” and asks about it. Harry goes upstairs with Bathilda (who turns out not to be the real Bathilda) and Voldemort’s snake attacks him.

Harry begins defending himself and Hermione comes to his aid but Harry tumbles into another of Voldemort’s memories of killing his parents. During the fight Harry’s wand is broken and Hermione cannot repair it.

Chapter 18 The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore

Harry is pretty upset about his wand. A bit later, Hermione has figure out the identity of the “thief”, it’s Grindelwald. Hermione has also found an article written by Rita Skeeter about Dumbledore’s past. Harry is angry after reading the article about the death of Dumbledore’s sister and mother, not to mention the letter Dumbledore wrote to Grindelwald about policing the muggle world.

As angry as Harry is, Hermione reminds him that Dumbledore changed and how much he loved Harry?

Chapter 19 The Silver Doe

Neither Harry nor Hermione feel safe, so they decide to pack up and move their camp site. Harry hasn’t been sleeping well, but he’s on guard duty. He’s cramped and tired and thinks it might be his imagination when he sees a silver light. When it’s close enough, he sees a silver-white doe.

Harry feels like he knows her. When she turns to leave, he follows the doe. She disappears as Harry wonders why she lead him to that spot. He sees a frozen pond and there he finds the Gryffindor sword. The sword won’t easily come up. Harry has to completely emerge himself to get to it. Harry jumps in and it’s painful. Just as he thinks he will die, someone pulls him out.

Ron has saved Harry. He wants to come back, if they’ll have him. Ron and Harry decide to work together to destroy the locket with the sword. The locket begins whispering to Ron. Ron is freaked out by what’s Voldemort’s voice is saying. Finally, they destroy it.

Hermione doesn’t give Ron a warm welcome. Ron lets them know what or who detained him shortly after he left. They talk and catch up.


1. Did you think Ron would come back by the next morning?
2. Were you surprised that Bathilda turned out to be the snake?
3. What did you think of Harry’s wand being broken?
4. Why would Grindelwald steal the necklace/horcrucx?
5. How did you feel after reading the article, about Dumbledore, written by Rita? Were you disappointed in Dumbledore?
6. How did you feel when Ron came back?