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Annabell: Where did the title Torment come from?

Lauren Kate: My publisher and I had to work to find this title. In the end, we settled on Torment because this is a kind of growing pains book for Luce. In Fallen, she is blindsided by a lot of strange revelations; in Torment, she must come to grips with what they all mean and what her role is in the world. It’s an exciting time, but it’s also agonizing and difficult. She wants clarity on her relationship with Daniel but feels that is increasingly impossible. Luckily, the choices she makes in Torment set her up very nicely to have a lot of romance and passion in her future . . . or should I say, in her past . . .

Annabell: The Fallen Series, explores the story of angels falling from grace and the great battle that created. What made you want to create a series around the fallen angels? What inspired you?

Lauren Kate: When I started writing Fallen, all I really wanted to do was write a complicated love story that reached beyond the two protagonists. I was drawn to a line in Genesis that talks about angels falling in love with mortal women, and stewing on that line led me eventually to Luce’s character. As I was trying to figure out who she was, I found Daniel and that led me deeper into the world of angelology than I ever expected I’d go. But it’s given the series a sort of depth that I really value and the more I learn about angel lore, the more thrilled I am by its possibilities.

Annabell: Cam is by far one of my favorite characters in the series. I know he’s supposed to be the bad guy but he’s so dang sexy! *hehe* Between Cam and Daniel who would you choose? Or would you go for Miles? He’s pretty adorable too!

Lauren Kate: Luce belongs with Daniel. She always has, she always will. But personally, I have a thing for Cam. I think sometimes love triangles in books often exist more for the readers’ (and the writer’s) benefit than for the characters. I love how readers can feel pulled in all different directions no matter what is going on in Luce’s head.

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