OBS Staffer Annabell had the opportunity to interview author Elizabeth Loraine. Read Annabell’s review of Katrina the Beginning The Royal Blood Chronicles here.

Annabell: Where did the concept for the Royal Blood Chronicles come from? Why did you decided to center the series around vampires?

Elizabeth: I love everything vampire, but I was so bored with what was out there, everything seemed to be the same. Young modern teens in high school. I wanted to read about their history. I wanted to know more about these long lived beings. When I couldn’t find anything like that I decided to write my own and Royal Blood Chronicles was born.

Annabell: What kind of research did you have to do for Katrina, The Beginning?

Elizabeth: Once I decided that I would start in Europe I did research on the countries that they would reside in and anytime I had an idea I would stop and research that. I also researched the names I used for some of the characters so the origins and meanings were what I wanted. Demons and fantasy creatures as well as events in history that would be going on at the time. It was so interesting and a lot of fun.

Annabell: Katrina faces many obstacles in the novel. She proves women can be strong and able to defend themselves without the aide of a man, a lesson I believe is important for young women to understand. Was that a message you wanted to get across through writing her character? What do you hope readers gain from reading your novel?

Elizabeth: Yes, it was the other thing that bothered me about the other books out there, the weak girls and women. So whinny and waiting for someone to save them. In book four I even had a character say that he was used to damsels in distress and Katrina says, “you’ll find none here.” I thought girls needed to read about heroines, girls and women that had men in their lives, but didn’t need them to save them or complete them. I hoped that all girls would feel if she could be that way then they could too.

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