Chapter 18 & 19 by Katie

Chapter 18 – Instruction
Chapter 19 – Selfish

The party finally ended, which you would think that Bella would be happy. But now she has something entirely new to worry about. Jacob and his brothers where going to be helping the Cullens fight, Victoria and the newborns. And Bella didn’t like it one bit! She demanded that Edward take her tonight to the meeting, of course he didn’t want to and he knew she was tired; but Bella said that if Edward didn’t take her, she would just call Jacob and he would take her with out a second thought.

After asking Bella one more time if she just wanted to stay home, they where off to the meeting. Normally Bella would find comfort in the just running through the woods, but not tonight. When they get to the meeting Bella realizes that it’s the baseball clearing, she is almost expecting James, Victoria, and Laurent to show up. That’s when she tells Edward what she really thinks, that Victoria is behind everything, The newborns, the stranger in her room, and when Victoria came to look for her. Edward accepts that this could be a theory, but he is still set on the Volturi. When the wolves show up, the Cullens find out that the pack has grown. There where now ten of them. The wolves agree to just sit back and observe how to fight the newborns. The training began with Emmett first, because he was the closest to a new born attack. Emmett relies on his strength, Jasper won that round. Edward insist on going next, but Jasper wanted to show Bella that Alice was just as scary as everyone else, so he had her go next. Alice and Jasper ‘danced’ around for awhile until Alice was on Jasper’s back, teeth on his neck. When they where done it was Edwards turn, while Edward and Jasper trained together, Alice used this as a time to talk to Bella about what she was planning to do. Alice reminded her that even if Bella where to die, Jacob and Edward wouldn’t stop fighting the new borns. So she just shouldn’t try anything stupid. Once the training was done, Sam decided it would be best if the wolves could all get the scent of each vampire that way no one was mistaken while in battle.

As they where going through the line, Bella noticed a russet colored wolf, as she got a closer look she realized that it was Jacob. When Bella looked around she could see that everyone was looking at her and Jacob with disapproval. Jacob disappeared for a minute and then came back to discuss what they where going to do with Bella during the fight.

Quotes –

“It felt strange to be here again – as if this gathering wouldn’t be complete until James and Laurent and Victoria joined us. But James and Laurent were never coming back.” – Bella, page 387

“You’re very perceptive today, It’s impressive.” – Edward, page 389

“Victoria, and anyone else who’s ever thought of hurting you. To have the chance to end this myself. To finish it with my own hands this time.” – Edward, page 390

“I’ll try not to break anything.” – Emmett, page 394

“You truly are one frightening little monster” – Jasper, page 396

“To think it’s come to this, though! Trusting werewolves!” – Edward, page 409

“Fighting with vampires instead of against them!” – Jacob, page 409

“I wondered if I was a monster.” – Bella, page 421

“I’m the only one who has permission to hold you hostage, remember?” – Edward, page 427

“Even though he was in this bizarre form, this felt more like the way Jake and I used to be.” – Bella, page 432

Did you think that Jasper seriously wanted Bella in the middle of the clearing?

Is Edward being overly protective when they are trying to find a place for Bella to stay during the fight? Or is it a good idea for Bella to be out of the way?

Do you think Bella is being unfair when she says she doesn’t want any gifts from Edward, yet she lets everyone else give her stuff?

Should Edward have been invading the pack’s mind as much as he was the night of the first meeting? And do you believe it was wrong of him to tell Bella all the things he learned?

Why might Bella feel at ease with Jacob when he is in wolf form?