Chapters 4-6 by Caro

Chapter 4 – Ravener

Getting to her house seemed like impossible. DON’T WALK signs and cars weren’t helping. When she got there Clary felt the slightest of hope when she saw the lights on, but once inside everything was dark. On her way up the stairs she was held back by Madame Dorothea, the elderly lady who lived downstairs from them, she told her about the noises she had heard and complained about light bulbs and dirt. Everything inside the apartment looked normal at first, but then Clary noticed the ripped cushions, tipped over bookshelves and cut out paintings. Clary panicked screaming for her mom. But no one answered. This wasn’t an ordinary robbery, who left behind the wallet, DVD player and other expensive things?

She went into Jocelyn room, which for a moment seemed like it had been untouched. A noise sounded through the apartment and then she saw crouched against the floor, a long, scaled creature that lunged at her, missing her by inches. Clary ran toward the hallway, but the thing was too fast. It landed above the door making weird noises. Clary couldn’t believe it, the thing talked. She threw a photograph at it and it didn’t seem to notice. She was trapped and the only thing she had was Jace’s sensor. The creature knocked her to the ground, trying to eat her. No one would know, not even Valentine, the thing said. Clary hit the creature jamming the sensor between its teeth. The thing ate it and then started to twitch and spam uncontrollably. Clary scrambled away trying to reach the door when she felt a slam in the back of her skull, making everything turn black.

She woke up to blue, white and red lights with a wailing noise. She could feel the cold damp grass underneath. Jace was there. He told her that a Ravener demon had attacked her, that poison ran through her veins, but the effect wasn’t that dangerous since she had almost killed it. Demons, disguised as police officers were looking for them and were getting closer. Jace drew out his Stele and Marked Clary to hide her. Clary could barely walk anymore and collapsed in Jace’s arms.

Chapter 5 – Clave and Covenant

Clary woke up to the sound of voices. She had been unconscious for three days. She couldn’t open her eyes, they still felt so heavy, but she could hear Isabelle and Alec talking. When they saw that she started to move, Alec left to inform Hodge. Isabelle told her that she was at the Institutes infirmary, lent her some clean clothes so she could change and showed her to the bathroom. While they were talking Clary learned more about Jace’s past. He had come to live with the Lightwoods when he was ten, after his father was murdered and his mother had died when he was born.

When Clary was ready she went to look for Hodge, but on her way she came across Jace, who guided her to the library. The Lightwoods and their youngest son, Max, had left to Idris, so Hodge was in charge. When she saw him, he sat behind a desk with a bird on his shoulder. Clary explained how she had killed the Ravener and he was impressed, still Alec didn’t believe her. Jace confessed that he had used his Stele to help Clary. Hodge got mad, what Jace had done was dangerous, he could have killed her but Jace assured him that Clary wasn’t a normal girl and that she could have Shadowhunter blood. They looked for every possible reason that would have led a demon to attack a human home, but Clary couldn’t think of anything. Later, Clary remembered that she had been missing for three days and asked if she could call Luke to let him know that she was okay, but it didn’t turn out like she expected. Luke acted distant and when Clary told him that she would go with him, he told her no, that she was better off where she was, he wasn’t her father and to not call him for favors again. Clary was heartbroken.

Hodge talked with her alone, told her that what she had been through was not easy. Explained her what the Shadowhunter world was and who Valentine had been. He had broken the law, slaughtered his friends and foes, and killed himself with all of his family. Clary had to stay in the institute and see the Silent Brothers, but Hodge let her go home to get some clean clothes only if Jace accompanied her.





Police officers







Mr. and Mrs. Lightwood



Madame Dorothea

Memorable Quotes

“Isabelle, you know it’s bad luck to talk about death in a sickroom.” –Alec

“Our own Sleeping Beauty. Who finally kissed you awake?” –Jace

“Hodge was furious. You got ichor and blood all over the carpet in the entryway. If he’d done it while my parents were here, he’d have gotten grounded for sure.” –Isabelle

“Are those Isabelle’s clothes? They look ridiculous on you.”

“I could point out that you burned my clothes.” –Jace and Clary

“Isabelle hails from one of the greatest Shadowhunter dynasties in history. This girl, on the other hand, hails from New Jersey.” –Alec

“Unfortunately, we’re out of bitter revenge at the moment, so it’s either tea or nothing.” –Hodge


Do you think this is more than just a simple robbery?

Why do you think that whoever took Jocelyn wants her for?

Do you think that it could be possible that one of Clary’s parents could have been a Shadowhunter for her to be able to see the Demons?

Do you really think that Luke doesn’t care about Clary or Jocelyn?

Do you think that Valentine could be back?

Why do you think Madame Dorothea knows so much about the Shadowhunters, if Jace said she was a fake? Could she be the one of those behind everything that has happened?