Chapters 19-20 By Katie

Chapter 19 – Abbadon

The gang gets the mortal cup in there possession. When Dorothea goes to open the portal for them to leave, something came out of it and killed Dorothea. An ugly creature comes out and fills up the room, asking for the mortal cup. Jace starts insulting the greater demon and that’s when the fighting begins.

At first Jace is the only one fighting, but when he hurts one of his arms, Isabelle gets out her whip. The beast is starting to get mad and goes to strike Jace, but Alec jumps in front of it. The demon throws Alec across the room. When Isabelle tries to go to him, the demon throws her too. Jace frozen from shock, just stands there. It’s not until Isabelle tells him to look at Clary, does he realize she is in trouble. He gets the demons attention, just as the demon is about to kill him. Simon bust through the door and shoots an arrow at the window above and the demon vanishes.

Alec is rushed to the institution where Hodge takes care of him the best her can. Jace, Hodge, and Clary all talk about the Mortal Cup, When Clary tells them she has it, Hodge sends his bird after Clary, Jace tries to stop it but fails. When Clary comes to sorts she sees Jace on the floor and a portal open. Valentine comes through it gets the Mortal Cup and takes Jace with him.

Chapter 20 – In Rats Alley

Hodge warned Clary to leave the institution and forget everything, when she said she couldn’t, Hodge wished her luck and trapped her in an invisible bubble. Knowing that she was running out of time, she realized that she still had the stele in her pocket. She used it to create a rune and escape. Clary headed out to find Hodge and when she had him cornered in an alley, he told her to leave. When she didn’t he decided she was going to have to kill her. Clary was able to dodge the first chakram, but she was starting to slip up. Out of no where a wolf appears and attacks Hodge. Now is the time to run, but the wolf catches up to her and bites her leg bringing her down to the ground. When she finally wakes up, she finds herself in a jail cell, Luke is also there and tells Clary that he is a werewolf.


Knowing that Alec was afraid of the greater demon, why do you think he jumped out in front of it?

Why do you think Valentine said that Jace would be with his father soon?

Why would Valentine say that Hodge could not speak Jace’s name?

Why would Hodge try to kill Clary, when he was just saying to Valentine that the children did nothing wrong?