Chapters 17 -18 By Chris

Chapter 17

Characters: Clary, Simon, Jace

Places: The church greenhouse

Memorable Quotes:

1. Birthdays should be special. My birthday was always the one day my father said I could do or have anything I wanted.” – Jace page 310
2. “You know, when most girls say they want a big rock, they don’t mean, you know, literally a big rock.” – Clary page 313
3. “Because I see the way you look at him! And I never looked at any of those girls like that! It was just something to do, a way to practice until…” – Simon page 320

Questions for consideration:

1. Why do you think Jace was given a somewhat normal childhood by his father only on his birthday? What does this tells about Jace’s personality and the way he acts?
2. At this point, why do you think Luke acted the way he did?
3. What do you think Jace was going to say to Clary just before midnight hit and the flowers bloomed?
4. At this point, what do you think Jace’s intention were with Clary in the hallway? Is he interested or playing games? Especially after being caught, why did he act like that?


Clary is stunned at the beauty of the greenhouse late at night, and that Jace is being kind and thoughtful. He brought cheese sandwiches and fruit for their picnic, which Clary is grateful. Jace opens up and tells her a little bit about his childhood and how that on his birthday his father would let me have and do anything he ever wanted…including a bath in spaghetti. He also opens about how he never had any friends until he met Alec, which makes Clary feel even worse about her earlier altercation with him. Jace shows her the midnight flowers that only bloom then, and he gives her a present; her very own witchlight run-stone. The two go on to discuss their parents and childhoods, until Clary makes things awkward by blurting out the question that has been subconsciously on her mind. Jace informs her that he and Isabelle were never anything more than brother and sister, and also says that Clary is beautiful…

The two decide to leave as the tension becomes too thick, but Clary stumbles…right into Jace’s arms and the two share a kiss. The moment is interrupted with Hugo flying in, and signaling that Hodge is not far behind, the two head back to Clary’s room where things heat back up again. That is until; Simon walks out and catches the two of them making out in the hallway. Clary of course, goes into a fit of embarrassment at being caught, when Simon questions the situation and Jace plays the cool, calm guy that does this all the time. Jace’s attitude infuriates Clary and reminds her why she doesn’t like him and that he doesn’t really care about her…so she goes after Simon in her room.

Simon finally gets the courage to say how he feels; only it’s in a very angry way. Which causes him to be even more upset when finds out that Clary was actually clueless about his love for her. Feeling mortified he leaves, but does give her a second to respond, to tell him what he wants to hear…but of course she doesn’t. After Simon, left Clary is confused, upset because she is loosing the last person she loves; Simon and Jace was a complete jerk too her. She takes her sketch pad out and thinks about the whole situation that just transpired, when she feels something on her sketch of Jace and sees the rune drawn at the top…

Chapter 18

Characters: Clary, Jace, Alec, Simon, Isabelle, Hodge, Madame Dorothea

Places: The Church, Dorothea’s apartment

Memorable quotes:
1. “He has many things I haven’t got, Life nearsightedness, bad posture, and an appalling lack of coordination.” – Jace page 331
2. “Where there is love, there is often also hate. They can exist side by side.” – Hodge page 334
3. “Seeing through glamour is easy. It’s people that are hard.” – Clary page 341
4. “Unfortunately, Lady of the Haven, my one true love remains myself.” – Jace page 345

Questions for consideration:

1. Why do you think Jace feels so much anger towards Clary right now? And do you think he is being naive about himself just like Clary has been?
2. What do you make of Hodge’s conversation with Clary before they left?
3. What was Simon meaning when he was talking to Clary about seeing things we only want too see?
4. Why do you think Dorothea turned out to be evil?