Chapters 15-16 by Chris

Chapter 15

Characters: Clary, Jace, Raphael, Vamps, Wolves, Simon
Places: Vampires Lair; The Hotel Durmont

Memorable Quotes:
1. “Clary, don’t chase the rat. He’s fleeing. That’s what rats do.” – Jace page 283
2.”My mother always told me if I rode a motorcycle with a boy, she’d kill me.” – Clary page 289
3. “Wouldn’t come back for you? But of course I did, of course I did.” – Clary page 294

Questions for consideration:
1. For curiosity’s sake, who do you think would win between the vampires and werewolves?
2. What do you think the Rune that Clary saw in her head means?
3. At this point, do you think Jace is starting to feel for Clary or is he just jealous or annoyed?

The wolves bust through the hotel, Clary is in shock at the size and actuality of werewolves. Jace is in a fit, because he knows that things have gotten much worse and they need to get out fast. Raphael stands his ground when the wolf leader transform into his wolfish human form, and demands that they hand of the Clary…at this Raphael says no, and the fight ensures. Taking up the opportunity, Jace, Clary and the rat Simon try to make a getaway, but the wolves see them.

They make it onto the roof and look for a way to escape, and Clary’s mind gives her a glimpse of a Rune, like a pair of wing. Jace finds the Vampires means of transportation; motorcycles and they steal one. As leaving the vampires and werewolves make it onto the roof, but not quick enough…they Shadowhunter and the girl get away.

Jace flew all around the city, and Clary feeling sick and scared, was able to put that aside to see the beauty of flying. But after awhile, Simon gives the heads up that sunrise is coming soon and therefore the bike will not work anymore. Jace ungracefully lands the bike in an empty grocery store parking lot. The landing thrown Clary from Jace and brought her skidding across the lot, she was bruised and bloody, but one thing took all the pain away…Simon. He was finally human again, and was ecstatic to see her, and she him…the only person not to happy it seems is Jace.

Chapter 16

Characters: Jace, Clary, Simon, Alec, Hodge
Places: The church

Memorable quotes:
1. “Do you remember back at the hotel when you promised that if we lived, you’d get dressed up in a nurse’s outfit and give me a sponge bath?” – Jace page 296
2. “You can rant all you want about honor and honesty and how mundanes don’t have any of either, but if you were honest, you’d admit this tantrum is just because you’re in love with him.” – Clary page 300
3. “Half of your attention is better than all of anyone else’s.” – Simon page 303

Questions for consideration:
1. Why do you think Jace acts like an arrogant, too-cool, smart ass all the time?
2. What do you think Alec meant by Clary making Jace risking everything; that he could loose is all?
3. At this point, what do you think Simon is trying to tell Clary? And what doesn’t she understand, and why?
4. Why would Jace avoid everyone, if he doesn’t care about what they think of what he did?