Chapters 10-12 By Dawn

Part 2 Easy is the Descent

Chapter 10 City of Bones

Hodge goes on to tell Clary and Jace that Jocelyn left the Circle as did Lucian and Michael Wayland (Jace’s father.) Hodge did not leave the group before the uprising and his punishment is banishing. He can never return to Glass City. Hodge also tells them that Valentine needs the Mortal Cup to build an army (a child army) to continue to carry out his former plans.

Isabelle interrupts and calls them to eat the Chinese food she ordered. Everyone discusses Valentine and how insane he is.

Jace decided that Clary must have memories they need to retrieve to help Jocelyn and the only ones who can get to those memories are The Silent Brothers. Clary needs time to think and she heads up to bed to get some sleep.

Jace later wakes her up, when The Silent Brothers have arrived. Clary tells Jace that she never agreed to the plan to regain her lost memories.

Hodge introduces Clary to Jeremiah of the Silent City. Jeremiah speaks inside Clary’s head telling her that the blood of the Clave is dominant inside her. Clary agrees to the memory retrieval. The process was difficult and Jace demanded they stop when he saw the wounds on her clenched hands. Jeremiah says the memories cannot be reached because they are blocked due to a spell. She must go to Bone City, to the Brotherhood to break the spell.

On the way to Bone City, Jace explains more about his father’s death.

Jeremiah leads them to The Brotherhood, to stand before the Council. The Brotherhood push into her head and a flood of images come to Clary. She sees her mother and Luke and a name pops up, Magnus Bane. The Brotherhood decide that her memories can only be retrieved by the one who cast the spell must undo it.

Chapter 11 Magnus Bane

Clary and Jace head to get something to eat. Alec, Isabelle and Simon soon join them and they all discuss Downworlders and mundanes.

Jace sees the paper Isabelle had, an invitation to a gathering for Magnus the Magnificent Warlock for later that night. Of course, they have to go but it’s not until midnight.

Clary decides to spend some time in the library and she finds a picture of her mother with her around around a blond man. Hodge tells her the man was Valentine at age 17. Luke and Michael Wayland are also in the picture.

Hodge gives Clary a potion to help her sleep after he lets her keep the picture. When Clary heads back to her room Jace is there and he startles her. She drops and breaks the vial with the sleeping potion. Jace offers to tell Clary a story to help her sleep.

The lesson of his story is “to love is to destroy and to be loved is to be the one destroyed.”

Afterward they get ready for the “party” Isabelle fixes Clary’s hair during which she reveals that Alec is gay.

Chapter 12 Dead Man’s Party

They head to Magnus’ party, he answers the door. They hang around for a while and then decide to ask Magnus about helping Clary.

At first Magnus denies he knows anything of Jocelyn and Valentine, but once confronted with more information, he admits what he did and that he knew it would come back to haunt him. Magnus tells Clary that he locked up her memories at her mother’s request.



1) Do you think Hodge’s punishment fit the crime?

2) What do you think of the Silent Brothers helping Clary regain memories?

3) Who might have blocked Clary’s memories and why?

4) What do you think Jace meant by “to love is to destroy and to be loved is to be the one destroyed”

5) Do you think that Jace would be freaked out if he knew Alec was gay?

6) Why do you think Jocelyn wanted Clary to forget?