In June the third movie of the ‘Twilight’ saga will come to the big screen. That’s why we want to do a casting with cartoon-stars. ‘Eclipse’ is directed by David Slade. OBS casting is done by CaroMR.

Bella – Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’.
They both lived with their fathers, worked hard for their family, loved books, got into a great adventure and found love where they less expected it.

Edward – Beast from ‘Beauty and the Beast’.
They both thought of themselves as monsters, were rich, you could say that they were both turned unwillingly, hated their loved ones at first, but at the end found who they really were and happiness.

Jacob – Kocoum from ‘Pocahontas’.
Although their love for each respective girl was not corresponded like they would have liked it to be Jacob did not die, but these to handsome warriors scarified so much to protect them, both were the perfect choice in the eyes of the girls’ fathers, came from a tribe and where the best.

Charlie – Woody form ‘Toy Story’.
They’re chiefs! And in a way felt afraid by the new guy in town [Buzz and Edward] thinking that they would take away their kid [Andy and Bella].

Carlisle – Mufasa from ‘The Lion King’.
Great dads and coven chiefs. They would do anything to protect their family.

Esme – Mrs. Potts from ‘Beauty and the Beast’.
She’s sweet and a wonderful mother to all those tea cups. And she was also playing cupid just like Esme.

Alice – June from ‘Little Einsteins’.
When I first saw her she instantly reminded me of little Alice and not just me but I’ve also heard it from other people.

Jasper – Flippy from ‘Happy Tree Friends’.
What can I say, they both get war flashbacks and crazy frenzy moments. But deep down inside I know they are good 😉

Rosalie – Emily from ‘Corpse Bride’.
Their stories are just alike. Both loved, got betrayed, had their revenge and at the end found a certain type of love.

Emmett – Buford Van Stomm from ‘Phineas and Ferb’.
He would be a Emmett’s version because even though they seem like big bullies they are kind and protect those who they love.

Victoria – Queen Beryl from ‘Sailor Moon’.
Apart from the flamey red hair, these two are so alike that their army of minimums could easily take on one another.

Jane – Darla Dimple from ‘Cats Don’t Dance’.
They are evil little angels!

Felix – Max from ‘Cats Don’t Dance’.
They fear them and would do anything to please them. Not to mention that they’re big mountains.

Do you agree with these castings or would you have cast someone else from some other cartoon? Let us know what you think. HERE – thank you!