Tonight is the premiere for the third installment of Stephenie Meyers ‘Twilight’ saga. Eclipse is directed by David Slade. We wonder who he had casted if the saga was done during the 90s. Anyway – the following are our idea. This OBS casting couch is brought to you by staff member CaroMR.

Bella – Jennifer Love Hewitt
The first person that I thought of was her. She was the petite pretty girl with the weird boyfriends and someone liked to chase her around with a hook on its hand, but it would have been good to see her deal with vampires.

Edward – Jason Priestley
Just look at those gorgeous eyes. He would definitely dazzle people; he had the hair and the crooked smile. Would have been a great Edward.

Jacob – David Boreanaz
He is tall, muscular and could have gotten tanned a little more. I loved him as a vampire but I can’t keep wondering that he would have been great as a werewolf.

Carlisle – Luke Perry
Doesn’t he look like a cute doctor? With would have made his own great version of our peaceful Cullen patriarch.

Esme – Frances O’Connor
With her sweet personality she would have been the loveable Cullen mom. We’ve seen her do sacrifices for her on screen children.

Rosalie – Sarah Michelle Geller
She can be a pretty bad girl and an Ice Princess. Not to mention that she would have kicked some vampire a** when it came to fighting against those nomads.

Emmett – Paul Walker
He had the muscles and the curly hair. I sure he would have interpreted Emmett with that funny humor and would have been a great big brother. And in that picture he definitely reminds me of what I picture Emmett to be.

Alice – Nicole de Boer
Casting Alice was difficult. You need someone, tiny and pixie like, but thanks to my teacher that made me watch the Cube, I found out that Nicole would have had that charisma that is needed and she call pull off the short pixie hair 😉

Jasper – Jared Leto
“The blond one who looks like he’s in pain.” Well he’s not blond but neither were the ones that were supposed to be now. He would have done great the role of ‘boy in pain’ and he has been in so many roles that vampire would suit him well.

Billy – August Schellenberg
I watched Free Willy too much; he would have nailed the role of Billy perfectly.

Jessica – Melissa Joan Hart
In ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ she annoyed everyone with her year book. I’m sure she would have done a good job annoying Edward with her thoughts and gossiping all the time.

Victoria – Rachelle Lafevre
Sorry, but she’ll always be Victoria. She was already involved with the mythical creatures back then in Big Wolf on Campus so being a vampire then would have not been so difficult.

Jane – Kirsten Dunst
She was an evil little Claudia and as Jane she would have lived more 😉 The good kids always play the worst ones.

What do you think about this casting? Do you agree or would you have cast someone else who was famous during the 90s? Let us know what you think. HERE – thank you!