When shy Victor Van Dort fails to recite his vows properly at his wedding rehersal to Victoria Everglott he flees and practises his vows in the woods. He accidently places the ring on the finger of a corpse known as the Corpse Bride and he ends up in the afterlife, also known as the land of the dead. Victor desperatly tries to get home again. Even more when he finds out that his beloved wife-to-be will be marrying someone else to save her family from the poor house. The man she is being forced to marry is the devious Lord Barkiss. When Victor and the rest of the dead get to the land of the living, a shocking discovery is made. It reveals how Emily (the Corpse Bride) died and who did it. At the end Victor and Victoria are able to be together.

The most easy thing for casting this animated Tim Burton movie would be to just put the actors in, who lend their voices to the characters. But easy is less fun – I think.

Victor Van Dort – his voice is Johnny Depp.
I’d love to see Jared Leto as the leading character.

Emily (the Corpse Bride) – her voice is Helena Bonham Carter.
Because of her eyes I choose Liv Tyler.

Victoria Everglot – her voice is Emily Watson.
Angelic looking like Anne Hathaway.

William Van Dort – his voice is Paul Whitehouse.
Armin Müller-Stahl would be wonderful as Victors father.

Nell Van Dort – her voice is Tracey Ullman.
I think Bette Midler fits nicely as Victors mother.

Lord Finnis Everglot – his voice is Albert Finney.
I’m so sorry Danny DeVito, but this IS you.

Lady Maudeline Everglot – her voice is Joanna Lumley.
Sometimes Nicole Kidman could look as annoying as Victorias mother.

Pastor Galswells – his voice is Christopher Lee.
Yes, I confess I’m obsessed with Alan Rickman, and his voice is much more wonderful than the one of Mr. Lee, whom I also love very much.

Lord Barkis Bittern – his voice is Richard E. Grant.
I love Colin Firth in snooty-nosed roles.

Yes, I am a really big fan of Tim Burton and his work. And I’m not sure if he’d agree with my choices but what do you all think? Is my casting a nice one – do you like the actors I chose? Or any other ideas that fits better? Please tell me here – thank you!

I’ve spent so long in the darkness, I’d almost forgotten how beautiful the moonlight is.
Emily, the Corpse Bride