After part one and part two it’s time for part three of our casting. The “What if J.R.R. Tolkiens trilogy ‘Lord of the Rings’ would become a musical – a musical during the 80th”. In our last part of the casting we bring to you the Humans and the Villains of Middle Earth.

Humans of Rohan

Theoden – Joe Cocker
His raspy, gravelly singing voice is one of a kind. Since the ‘Woodstock’-festival he can’t be ignored and he is still a great singer and very successful with songs like ‘Sail Away’ or the ‘Beatles’-cover ‘With a Little Help from my friend’.

Eowyn – Cindy Lauper
The lady-punk of the 80th. Cindy Lauper had international top-hits like ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’, ‘Time After Time’ and ‘She Bop’.

Eomer – Nick Beggs
After Limahl left ‘Kajagoogoo’ Nick Beggs became front-man. They had great songs like ‘Too Shy’, ‘Big Apple’ and ‘The Lion’s Mouth’.

Humans of Gondor

Denethor – Meat Loaf
The man with the most wonderful impressive voice. He could sing every opera and is doing great rock-music. Next to his singing he is also an actor and had been at ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’.

Faramir – Luke Goss
The brother of Boromir is Faramir and the brother of Matt Goss is Luke Goss.


Saruman – Steven Tyler
Next to being father of ‘Lord of the Rings’-actress Liv Tyler, Steven Tyler is lead-singer of Aerosmith. They’d been and they are a very popular american hard-rock-band.

Grima – Falco
Hans Hölzel alias Falco was an Austrian singer. He had been a very cranky one but also very genius and adorable. Sadly he died much too early during a car crash in the Domenican Republic. His US-number one hit ‘Rock me Amadeus’ was the first and is still the only german-speaken song which climed the charts that high.

Sauron – Michael Jackson
The King of Pop – Rest In Peace Michael!

So we are done with our casting in three parts. What do you think about all of them? Do you agree with the choices or any other ideas? Let us know what you think HERE – thank you!