Todays Casting Couch is brought to you from OBS staff member Katie.
The Darkest Powers Series (Kelley Armstrong) is about a 15 year old girl who finds out shes a necromancer. Chloe finds her self in a group home for troubled teens. But it’s not just a cowincednce that they are there, they all have something in common.

Chloe Saunders, a 15 year old girl, who leads a pretty normal life, until she starts seeing ghosts. Put some red streaks in Taylor Momsen hair, and I think she could play the Perfect Chloe. Taylor best know for her role as Jenny on the CW’s Gossip Girl.

Derek Souza, is a 16 year old boy, living with his adoptive brother simon. Derek finds himself at Lyle House after getting into some trouble with some kids from school. Derek is described as being tall with dark hair. The only thing actor Mitchel Musso is missing is the extreme amount of acne.

Simon Bae, a sorcerer who is only 15, is know around the Lyle house as a very easy going person. Being Korean and Swedish gives him a very different complexion. While I personally think Jeong Ji-hoon (Rain) would make a great Simon, he is lacking the blonde spikey hair.

Tori Enright, 16 is known for being the girl with the attitude around Lyle house. Being best friends with Liz and having a huge crush on Simon. Tori doesnt like Chloe from the start, believing that she is trying to steal Simon and Liz from her. Described as having short dark spikey hair Nora Zehetner could play her pretty well.

Rae Rogers, being 15 and a Half-Demon can be interesting at times. She is known for getting into trouble with fire. And having a very close friendship with Chloe. Rae has Copper colored curly locks and Copper tone skin. Hallee Hirsh has all of that minus the copper skin, but does anyone really have copper skin?

Liz Delaney, disapearing in the middle of the first book, Liz is 16 and roommates with Chloe. Seeing Megan Park play her character Grace, in the Secret Life of The American Teenager so well. I think she would be perfect as Liz the very talkative blonde.

Dr. Lauren Fellows, the only person Chloe can truely trust is her Aunt. But later on in the story, when Chloe needs her aunt the most, Dr. Fellows turns Chloe and Rae over to the Edison Group. I always picture just a older Chloe when thinking of her Aunt, so for me Cameron Diaz is a good pick.

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