Brought to you by OBS staff member Angie

This book is the first installment in a new series called The Brookehaven Vampires. In this story we are introduced to Laney Alexander, a 19 year old sophomore attending college in a small town in Northern California. She lives off campus in an apartment with her best friend since ninth grade, Kiera. Laney’s mother died when she was two and her father was so grief-stricken he was unable to care for her, so he let her aunt, Lilly, raise her. He still provides for her financially and she wants for nothing.

On the first day of classes Laney and Kiera meet Oliver, the extremely handsome new guy from Reno, Nevada. And as it turns out, he’s the new roommate of the girls’ best guy friend, Carter.

Laney is absolutely mesmerized by Oliver and can’t understand what her attraction to him is. He has her tongue-tied and awakens a sensual part of her that she didn’t know existed! Aunt Lilly is not at all happy to discover that Laney is so smitten with this new guy and begins to withdraw from Laney. Could Aunt Lilly know something that Laney doesn’t?

When Laney meets Oliver’s sister, Julz, she’s given a rather chilly reception. Oliver’s niece Hayden and Hayden’s dog Lola, a large Brookehaven Sheppard, are quite gracious towards Laney, however.

As the story unfolds, Laney learns that all the mythological creatures she’s studied in school are real, and the most startling revelation is that her boyfriend is a vampire!  Laney’s world is turned upside-down when she becomes the target of a vengeful vampire, Oliver’s twin brother, Oscar.

While Oliver is doing everything in his power to save Laney and Julz from Oscar, we find that there is a quite organized coven led by D. Could this D be someone that Laney already knows?

Once I picked up this book I couldn’t put it down, I read it straight through in one sitting. It was a LONG night! 😀 There were several references to Twilight which I found to be quite amusing and a nice “shout out” to Stephenie Meyer.

In one part of the story Laney decides that it’s all too much and she tries to break up with Oliver. I felt her anguish and cried right along with her. It was heart breaking and I was impressed that I was so involved with the story.

Not sure when the second installment is due to be released, but rest assured, I’ll be there to read it!

You can read more about this book at www.brookehavenvampires.com