Chapters 16-22

By Nikki

15 Killburn Abbey

Morgan is unhappy about her parents reaction to her books. She goes with Mary K on a field trip to a local Abbey and is surprised that she feels really connected to the herbs and to the place. She enjoys the visit quite a bit.The trip only reinforces Morgan’s desire to be a witch.

16 Blood Witch

Morgan makes an after school trip to Practical Magick with Robbie and buys what will be her Book of Shadows. They then go to Bree’s house where she tells them about a book she has been reading. The book outlines the 7 great clans of Wicca and describes that Woodbanes are seen as evil and Rowanwands are considered good. While the other five sort of lie in the middle, between good and evil. The clans have been battling for thousands of years, each fighting in the way they know how. Cal tells them all that about three hundred years prior, around the time of the Salem Witch trials, all of the clans were pretty much decimated and it’s unclear why. But it’s possible the Trials played a part in it. The decimation was followed by a dark period for blood witches. Much of the ancient knowledge and ways were lost during this time. Cal then tells them that only about a hundred years ago, a group of witches decided to try to start a Wiccan Renaissance. In this rebirth, there would be no individual clans, just unity, all witches together as one group. Morgan remembers the clerk at the book store asking her something about a Blood Witch and she asks Cal. He tells her that a Blood Witch is someone that has one of the 7 clans in their bloodline and also have more power than someone that only practices Wicca. Cal then tells the coven that he is a Blood Witch and his mother is quite knowledgeable about Wicca. Although he doesn’t know what clan he hails from, but he suspects it could be Woodbane. Morgan has to leave and just can’t get Blood Witch out of her mind.

17 Trapped

The next day at school Morgan tells the group about the herb garden and they discuss that they are starting to see Wicca’s influences in lots of things. Morgan isn’t sure if she can go to the Circle the next night, but she really wants to. Plus, Cal has a gift for her. Morgan takes the opportunity to go to the Circle when her parents head to a show in a nearby town. She quickly gets ready and heads to Jenna’s house. Morgan is crushed when her Mother’s co-worker calls and needs to stop by and grab some things. She has to stick around the house for an hour waiting for the lady to arrive and get what she needs. She has unfortunately missed the Circle, but decides she will stop by Practical Magick the next day and get some things to practice on her own.

18 Consequences

Morgan gets the ingredients she will need and decides to make a “Clarifying the skin” potion. She has to know if she is as sensitive to Magick as Cal says. She says the words for the potion and the hairs stand up on her arms, followed by a loud thunder boom. The next day she gives the mix to Robbie and tells him its a face wash her Mom likes. Bree tells Morgan that she is having a hard time getting closer to Cal, but she is determined. Morgan apologizes to Cal for missing the Circle and he dismisses it. Robbie walks up then and already his skin has cleared quite a bit. Everyone is shocked. By Friday, his skin looks amazing and he decides to tell Bree and Cal. They go to Morgan’s house to ask her about it. Morgan explains that she didn’t have much faith that it would even work. It had just been a beginner’s spell. Robbie and Bree both seem angry and hurt. Robbie feels betrayed that she did magick on him without asking or telling him. She apologizes and he accepts, but only if she will be upfront from now on. Halloween is drawing close now.

19 A Dream

Aunt Eileen shows up for dinner and Morgan asks her about realizing she was gay. Morgan feels like she can sympathize with her Aunt, she is something her parents disapprove of too. She knows that becoming a witch will make her happier, but not necessarily her family. Morgan has a bad dream that night. Morgan is flying, circling Widow’s Vale like a hawk and recognizes Bree’s voice calling her. She follows the voice to a bog, where Bree is stuck. She begins pulling her out and feels the Magick working in her. She finally gets Bree out and flies off into the night. She then finds herself in a dark room where a woman is cradling Morgan as a baby and she can feel that the woman loves her and she feels the same. She then wakes up. Morgan feels a bit like she has the flu and Mary K becomes concerned for her. They discuss Wicca a bit and Mary K clearly doesn’t approve. She explains to her sister that the more she learns, the more she is drawn to Wicca. Her mother reminds her that evening that they have dinner at Aunt Margaret’s house. Morgan gets out of going by telling her mother she desperately needs to help Bree with homework.

20 Broken

Bree and Morgan head to Matt’s house and have an argument in the car on the way. Bree accuses Morgan of going after Cal and thinking she is better than the rest of them. Morgan is shocked and hurt. Morgan explains that she feels she is awakening. Bree tells Morgan that she doesn’t want her to practice Wicca with her anymore, she just wants to do it alone. Morgan is angry and accuses Bree of choosing Cal over her friendship. Bree tells Morgan that she loves Cal and turns around to drive Morgan home. Morgan decides she will just get out of the car and walk and Bree tells her she will “get over it”. Morgan seriously doubts it and can’t think of a time the two of them have ever fought like this before. She is afraid they may never be friends again. She also realizes that Bree will definitely get Cal now and that’s makes her sad because she will have to turn her back on Wicca.



How did you feel when Bree freaked on Morgan?

Did you suspect Morgan was indeed a Blood Witch? What tipped you off?

How would you react to a friend making a spell that worked on you, without you knowing it?

What do you think is Morgan’s parents problem with Wicca? Why did they have such a strong reaction?