CHAPTERS 9-11 – By Caro

Chapter 9 – Thirsty

Morgan woke up early after having vivid dreams about Cal and Bree. She was definitely not okay with the idea of them going out together, but Bree’s friendship was more important.

Later in school Cal invited Morgan to his house on Saturday night. Some friends would be coming over and he wanted to do a circle. Morgan wasn’t so sure, but at the end agreed. She told him she had read about Wicca and Cal told her about his idea to form a new coven, that his mom was the high priestess of the Starlocket coven and that she was pretty famous among Wiccans and that if Morgan studied she could be a witch, too.

Chapter 10 – Fire

Mary K. helped Morgan choose something to wear for Cal’s party since she was in a serious crisis of “I have nothing to wear”. When she was finally ready, Bree was already waiting for her downstairs to leave.

When they got to Cal’s house, Selene, his mother greeted them and told them how happy she was that Cal had made new friends. Cal´s room was the whole attic and everyone was already there. When everything was ready cal drew a circle, just like the one in the woods, into which he called the four elements to do a purifying and focusing ritual. While everyone chanted and concentrated on the circle Morgan felt the energy flow all over her body and then she could see every aura in the room.

When everything had ended, Morgan had channeled so much energy that she thought that she would be sick, but Cal helped her relax.

Chapter 11 – Water

Cal indicated the group to the patio where the pool was. Morgan felt awkward since she had not planned to bring a bathing suit and her fears grew even bigger when she saw that everyone else was already getting naked and jumping in to the pool.

All the other girls where perfect to Morgan’s eyes which made her feel so plain. How could she even think of taking off her clothes? Morgan was about to leave when Cal saw her. Told her that it would be fine and that she didn’t have to fear that this would turn into an orgy, but Morgan was too embarrassed and tried to leave.

Cal caught her off guard and picked her up in his arms. Morgan felt how he carried her down the pool steps without protesting. The water was the exact temperature as her blood. Being with him made everything feel magical.


1. What do you think of Morgan’s decision not to let Bree know how she feels about Cal?

2. Why do you Morgan can see the auras of others?

3. What do you think the color of everyones’ aura means? (black, silver, green, red, orange, brown, pink.)

4. Do you think that Morgan has what it takes to be a witch?

5. Why do you think Cal wanted Morgan so desperately to be in the water?

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