CHAPTERS 12- 15 By Caro

Chapter 12 – What Goes Around

When Morgan got home from church she found Bree already waiting for her. Bree was made and confronted Morgan about what she had seen last night between Cal and her. Bree questioned her about their friendship. That she really had feeling for Cal and even loved him. Morgan had already made up her mind about Bree and Cal, and was not going to interfere. Morgan made Bree understand that nothing was going on between her and Cal, that she cared for her and that she should know better after how well they knew each other.

Morgan confessed that Cal had left his coven when he moved and hoped that some of them would help him make a new one. She also told her that he thought that she could be a good witch. Bree still didn’t understand why Morgan hadn’t joined them in the pool by her own will. Morgan was embarrassed by Bree’s 36C and all the other girls’ better bodies that she thought of leaving but Cal stopped her. At the end everything was solved and Mary K. joined them after over hearing of the events of last night.

Chapter 13 – Stirring

Morgan skipped chess club and went to Practical Magick to look for more book about Wicca. There she met with Paula, her aunt Eileen’s new girlfriend. What Morgan thought to be a private afternoon adventure turned out to be something else. On her way to the counter she came across Mrs. Petrie, a woman from her church, who was there to supply herbs to the owners of the store. When she was paying for her books, the clerk told her that she had the mark of the Goddess and that if she knew her Clan. Morgan denied everything and left as quickly as she could.

Back at home Morgan thought over what the clerk had said and about the Seven Clans. There was no way she could belong to one, for all she knew the Clans had been disbanded and hardly existed anymore. All of a sudden the feeling of a storm coming invaded her body and when she noticed her parents were standing in the entrance of the kitchen looking at her. Morgan’s mom asked her about the Wicca books telling her about her dislike about her reading witchcraft. The tension grew so much that she yelled at Morgan that she did not want those books in her house and sent her to her room.

Chapter 14 – Deeper

Morgan talked to Bree and the others about how her mother had reacted. Bree told her that if she wanted the books could be kept at her house. Her father could hardly care less. Cal sympathized to how Morgan felt and that made her feelings for him grow even more.

Morgan kept the books at Bree’s house and in the afternoons visited her to finish reading them. Morgan thought that her mom was acting just like the clerk, she seemed to be relived but yet it looked like she expected for horns to sprout from her head or something. Cal called her to invite her to another circle promising that no one would get naked this time or carry her into the water. Morgan wanted so bad to go and be with him, but she couldn’t. She said no, hanged up, and cried.

Chapter 15 – Killburn Abbey

Morgan thought that other kids her age did worse thing than bring home some books, like get pregnant or do drugs. And now she was stoked in a bus with her family and people from church on their way to Killburn Abbey. When they got there Mary K. thought that that it looked like a jail which Morgan could not agree more. But for some reason once she was inside all of Morgan’s anger faded and was replaced by a wave of calmness. The Abbey was lifeless. Gray and lonely, but yet peaceful. Morgan imagined all the things the nuns did there in their time. It was more of a sanctuary.

She felt impressed about all the herbs the nuns had and were waiting for the spring. While she was looking at them her mom got closer and asked her if she found it interesting. Morgan commented her new idea to ask her father for a small space in the yard to grow some of their own. Her mom agreed on talking with her father about.

Her visit to the Abbey made up her mind. She wanted to be a witch.


1. What do you think the clerk meant by “you have the mark of the Goddess”?

2. Do you think there is more than just the religious reasons Morgan’s mom is letting know? Could it be something related to what the clerk said? Morgan did mention that her mom had never acted like that.

3. Do you think that Morgan and Cal’s relationship take a different course?

4. Do you think that now that Morgan has made her decision she’ll start studying the Wicca no matter what her parents say? Or will she keep it in secret?

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