Title: No Trace

Series: Anna Sweet Mystery

By:  Brenda Chapman


Brought to you by OBS reviewer Andra                   


Ryan Green disappears one day after school without a trace. His family is caught in a living nightmare. Six months later, the police have no leads. Desperate for answers, the parents contact private investigator Anna Sweet. The trail has gone cold, but Anna doesn’t give up without turning over every clue. When a body is found in the woods, Anna and the police fear the worst. Who would want to harm Ryan Green, and who will be next? Anna’s skills are about to be tested to their limits. (Goodreads)


No Trace is the 5th book in the Anna Sweet Mystery series by Brenda Chapman. I have been thoroughly enjoying this series up to this point in the time and I am happy to say that I am still enjoying the series. 

This high-interest, low-vocabulary novella is intended for adult basic education (ABE) and English as a second language (ESL) readers. 

The premise of this story is that a young man disappears after school without a trace. Finally, after 6 months with no headway being made by the police, the parents decide to hire PI Anna Sweet to get answers. Anna’s partner, Jada is on vacation and Anna’s beau (and the part time office manager) Nick is in Vancouver on a film set. 

I love Anna’s no nonsense attitude. That can be seen, especially when she deals with the local constabulary:

Whatever Shaw wanted could wait for me to have a couple cups of coffee and a plate of bacon and eggs-even if his call made me curious as a cat in a room full of mouse holes.”

Anna reviews all the old information from the case files at the OPD (Ottawa Police Department), speaks with the family as well as the school principal and classmates in an attempt to retrace Ryan’s activities the day he goes missing. I am always surprised when Anna turns up WAY more information than the OPD (though I suppose by book 5, I should not be surprised anymore). Of course, this information provides numerous paths for the investigation to follow…The remainder of the mystery is for every reader to take in themselves ☺

I enjoyed the evolution of Anna and Nick’s relationship. Anna is SO insecure but I think she is finally starting to trust the relationship that is developing. Especially when Nick finally purchases a home…right next door to Anna’s dad! Nick says to Anna (so sweet):

“Because I plan to spend a great deal of time with my new neighbours. I always wanted to be the boy dating the girl next door. Looks like my wish is finally coming true.”

If you enjoy reading novella’s which will provide you with a mystery to solve as well as a bit of romance and family dynamics to navigate through, then I suggest you pick up No Trace by Brenda Chapman and begin reading. It will be a couple of hours of enjoyment!