No Mercy

Dark-Hunter, Book #18

Were-Hunter, Book #5

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

ISBN# 9780312546564

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Things haven’t been the same at Sanctuary since they lost their license and Mama and Papa Peltier passed away. Aimee and her mate, Fang, have taken over running the club.  The Peltier boys have been helping where they can and working at the club, as usual.

Dev was working the front door when Samia rode up to the club.  She is a Dark-Hunter and one of Ash’s elite “Dogs of War”.  She’s on the lookout for Daimons, but when those within Sanctuary tell her that they’ve encountered:  a Daimon that walked in the daylight, she doesn’t believe them … at first.  However, when it becomes clear the Daimons are after her she finds protection in Dev’s arms.  But even he can only do so much.  The need to keep Sam safe sends them and a handful of friends on a mission.  However, if they fail it will cost them all their lives!

I love the Were-Hunters!  The wolves are my absolute favorite so it was great seeing Fang again!  But I have to admit that the Bears interest me as well!  I enjoyed getting to know them a little bit more. 

I loved Dev and he has a great sense of humor too!  Although not everybody, appreciates that about him!  My heart broke for him after reading what happened with his brothers and how his mom reacted.  It’s hard to believe he can still be so sweet after all that.  I don’t think I could have stayed with the family personally.

And, after what we learned about Remi, in this book, I have to believe that Remi’s story will be coming up soon!

We also got an answer of how the Dark-Hunters would reacquire their souls now that Ash can no longer get them.  I have to admit I’m a bit surprised, but it also makes perfect sense.

This was an okay read, but it’s not one of my favorites.  I was hoping for a bit more excitement and I found the task Thorn sent Dev and Sam on to be a bit dull.