3 Star rating
Night’s Awakening
Dark Kings, Book #2
By Donna Grant
ISBN# 9781466807440
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*Beware of possible Spoilers*

nights-awakening-dark-kings-donna-grantIt’s been five months since Hal and Cassie were bound to one another.  Guy thought for sure that what happened with Hal was a fluke and the dragon magic was still in place for the rest of the kings, keeping them from ever loving a human.  That is until they come upon an injured female, Elena, in their caves and he is overcome with lust and so much more, including an overwhelming need to protect her.

Elena moved to London two weeks ago, all her hard work finally paying off with her being promoted and relocated for her new job.  Immediately her new boss, Sloan, wrangled her into going on a caving expedition in Scotland on Dreagan property.  It was only after they arrived that she found out they were trespassing!  Elena knew it was a bad idea to go into the caves, but wanting to make a good early impression at work she went along with it.  But then it all goes wrong when Sloan does some further exploring that has tragic results, leaving Elena alone, injured, and lost in the cave she has no business being in.  Now she is at the mercy of the strangers and rightful owners of the property when they find her.

This was another fun, quick read in the Dark Kings series.  It’s another novella so the story is condensed, but the steam factor is increased over the last installment, Dark Craving.  What is it about shower scenes that are always so freaking hot?

My only complaint about this book was the storyline was a bit repetitive of the previous book.  Not the entire story mind you …. but the part of the king finding a human woman and falling for her unexpectedly and then the girl is faced with him in dragon form and the couple has to prove their love to Con.

The ending of this novella was completely different from the previous one though and was a bit of a cliffhanger.  I would have liked to have seen this book made into a full-length novel instead of leaving us in the lurch, but overall I still enjoyed the story.

And, check out the Guy wallpaper from Donna Grant’s site!  Yum!