Night Resurrected
Envy Chronicles, Book #6
By Joss Ware
ISBN# 9780062018670
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*Beware of possible Spoilers*

Wyatt had it all.  A loving wife, two beautiful kids, and a career he loved as chief of the fire department.  He was so excited to go on a guy’s weekend with his best friends Quent and Elliott, but he never expected when he kissed his family goodbye that it would be the final time he’d see them.

Remy has lived her life on the run, doing whatever it takes to protect the crystal that her grandfather and namesake gave her on his deathbed with the ominous instructions to protect it with her life.  And, she has done just that.  But now the elite are looking for her and will stop at nothing to get her and the crystal.

But Remy can’t seem to shake Wyatt.  He is determined to help her, whether she wants his assistance or not!  Even her traitorous dog loves the man.  But when their attraction ignites will they give in to it or will their own reservations and guilt keep them apart?

I have really been looking forward to this book.  I greatly enjoyed the glimpses of Wyatt and Remy that we saw in the previous installments of the series and I knew that their relationship would be a fun and emotional ride; and definitely would NOT be boring!

In fact, during the majority of this book I felt this was my favorite book of the series.  The previous books were good, but they all had a bit of a lull in them while the story was building up, it was a dull period, but while reading it you knew it was necessary and you had to truck on through it to get to the good stuff.  And, the good stuff has definitely been worth it!  But Night Resurrected didn’t have a lull in it at all.  It was full of action and made me want to keep reading non-stop!

My only true complaint with the book is the ending.  With the entire book being such an exciting adventure it put a lot of stress on the ending to be equally exhilarating, if not more so.  And, in that regard I felt this book fell short.  I was expecting the epilogue to have some ridiculously mushy romance going on to tie the book up, but instead we get the couple enjoying each other while reminiscing on their past.  Namely the things that Remy did to Wyatt; shooting at him, throwing the snake, etc.  I was expecting so much more so it was a bit of a disappointment to me.

Also, if you’re going into this book expecting lots of raunchy, but romantic sex scenes you will be a bit let down as this is not that kind of book.  There is actually very little sex in this installment.  And, I for one am glad for that.  Considering what Remy has gone through, I think that if she was quick to jump into the sack with Wyatt or anybody else that it would come off as fake and unrealistic.  To say nothing of the guilt that has plagued Wyatt for leaving his family before the change!  I felt Remy and Wyatt’s union was done with class and the duo couldn’t have been more caring and affectionate.

I have heard rumors that this is the last installment of the series, but never from any official sources.  I desperately hope the rumors are false!  There is so much more story left to tell and I would hate to end it now, we haven’t even gotten to ‘see’ Zoë and Quent’s baby yet!  Not to mention, in this book, there was a hint of another couple that may be expecting!  And, even though he’s a bounty hunter, I feel Ian is screaming for a book of his very own!

This is another great installment in a fun and interesting series and you should definitely check it out!