Night Huntress

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Night Huntress is the exciting series by Jeaniene Frost that centers around half vampire (at least at the start of the series), Cat, and sexy master vamp, Bones.  The books include Halfway to the Grave, One Foot in the Grave, At Grave’s End, Destined for an Early Grave, This Side of the Grave, and One Grave at a Time.  There are also several short stories that go along with the series, and a couple of spin-off series Night Huntress World and the Night Prince series.

If this series were made into a movie, here is the cast I would choose!

I could go on and on with other supporting characters of the series, all the love interests of the vamps, the ghouls, and ghosts, but I guess I have to stop somewhere!

What do you think of my selections?  Agree? Disagree?  Who would you cast as your Night Huntress dream cast?


 Cat ~Amy Adams

Cat is our main character of the series and the regular Night Huntress books (not counting novellas and spin-offs) are told from her point of view.  She is a young and fun redhead that is known in the vampire world as the Red Reaper due to her red hair and the number of vampires she has killed.

I think Amy Adams is the perfect mix of sweet and sassy to pull off this role.

Bones~Gabriel Aubry

And, we just can’t have a casting couch without our male love interest and the star of many readers’ fantasies.  Bones is the sexy master vampire that Cat tries to kill in the first book, Halfway to the Grave,  but she ends up captured by him instead!  But their attraction soon grows and now they can’t survive without the other.

I had a hard time casting Bones, to find just the right look of sexy, but looking the right age as well.  But when I saw a picture of Gabriel Aubry I knew he’d be perfect as my Bones.

Justina~Jaclyn Smith

Justina is Cat’s always nagging mom, who can’t stand vampires after supposedly being raped by one that resulted in Cat’s birth.  I see her as a mature beauty and could totally see her being portrayed by Jaclyn Smith.

Tate~Cam Gigandet

Tate is a member of Cat’s task force when she works for the secret government division of Homeland Security that focuses on killing the dangerous vampires.  With the years working together he falls desperately in love with Cat, but unfortunately for him, she only has eyes for Bones.  I see him as someone cute and fun-loving.  Cam Gigandet fits that bill to a T.

Don~Jason Isaacs

Don is a seasoned officer and Cat’s boss on the task force.  He is also the brother of the vampire that raped Cat’s mom, who hides his connection to Cat until he’s finally outed.  Jason Isaacs looks like he could play a good federal agent and still be pretty enough (in a mature way) to fit in with this dream cast!

Juan~ Gael Garcia Bernal

And while we’re casting Cat’s task force, I just can’t leave out my favorite little Mexican man-whore, Juan.  He has to be attractive enough that his pervy comments and actions are well received.  Gael Garcia Bernal was an obvious choice for me.

Ian~David Beckham

Ian sired Bones against Bones’s will and is always ready with some perverted comment or another.  He tried to acquire Cat for his collection of oddities, but Bones thwarted his plans, but he gets over it as Bones is still one of his best friends.  Ian kind of grows on you like a fungus and now I couldn’t imagine the series without him.

David Beckham may seem like a strange choice to some as Frost constantly describes Ian as having Russet colored hair, but besides the hair color this below picture of David is exactly how I have always pictured Ian so I figure he could dye his hair for the role.

Mencheres~Khaled Naga

Mencheres is the powerful and young looking Egyptian vampire despite the fact he is one of the most ancient vampires around.  He sired Spade at Ian’s request since Ian was too weak to do it himself after siring Bones.  Mencheres is haunted by his past and his wife, Patra, that never loved him.

I was looking for someone with the dark complexion, but looked younger than Bones . Khaled Naga matched that criteria, but he’d have to get some hair extensions for the role:)

Spade~Orlando Bloom

Spade is another dark haired beauty!  He has his own demons of the past to contend with, being too late to save his love from a traumatic and painful death.  But he is always loyal to his best mate, Bones, and even helps Cat and Bones to get back together when they separate.

With the constant description of his inky black hair, I couldn’t help, but think of Orlando Bloom…well his hair is close enough to black anyway.


Vlad is the pyrokenetic vampire that has had his life falsely reported in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, according to him anyway.  Bones can’t stand him and calls him a showboat.  But Cat quickly becomes friends with him and Vlad even saves her from certain death at a low point in her life.

As you can see I had some trouble casting Vlad.  Mainly because the unnamed model that Jeaniene Frost posted on her website as her vision of Vlad is the perfect person to play him.

But I decided that I didn’t want to cast somebody if I couldn’t even discover his real name.  So I scoured tons of pictures of hot guys (it was such a hard task that I know you feel really sorry for me) and I kept coming back to Paul Marron.

Yeah of all the pictures of him, I chose one of him in his undies….no sense it letting that hot bod go to waste!  But I think his face definitely looks like Vlad!  You may recognize him from the cover of the first book in Vlad’s series, Once Burned.  When they get something right, they get it right as this cover model matches his description perfectly.

I could go on and on casting supporting characters of the series, such as the love interests of our favorite vamps, the ghosts and ghouls and so on and so forth, but I figure I have to stop somewhere.

What do you think of my selections?  Agree?  Disagree?  Who would you choose as your dream Night Huntress cast?