By Udo Blick at True Blood Net: Allan Hyde: Rising True Blood Star
Allan Hyde, the twenty year old Danish actor, has made quite an impression on HBO’s True Blood fans. Allan plays the 2000 year old vampire Godric, Eric Northman’s (Alexander Skarsgard) maker in the hit HBO series. Although he appeared in only four episodes of True Blood’s second season, Allan Hyde’s Godric has become extremely popular with True Blood’s viewers.

“It was my dream. To be a professional (full-time) actor. To live off what I love. And it wasn’t the most important thing about high school to get a certificate with grades on. Most important were the knowledge and friends I’d already won through those three years.”

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Via Sci FI Wire: Another Doctor Who special airdate and a sneak peek

BBC America announced another airdate for the last of David Tennant’s Doctor Who specials today: “The End of Time, Part One” airs at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Dec. 26, followed by part two at a date to be announced soon.

This slick re-imagination of Doctor Who, created by Russell T Davies (Torchwood, Queer as Folk), puts a fresh spin on the adventures of the iconic Time Lord and his feisty companions – who travel across the universe to protect Earth from dangerous aliens and terrifying monsters. Davies and Tennant are passing the baton to Steven Moffat and actor Matt Smith, who will play the Eleventh Doctor in a new season of the re-imagined series premiering in 2010 on BBC AMERICA.

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From Mark Wegierski at Enter Stage Right: Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part Fourteen – A variety of films and TV shows

Television Series of the 1970s

After his incredible success with the original Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry attempted to begin a new series, under the title, Genesis II/Planet Earth. It presented the Earth in a “post-apocalyptic” period, that is, after a nuclear war and other catastrophes. A scientist from the 1990s, “frozen” in a cryogenic capsule, “awakens” in a new, strange world. One of the technological elements in the series was a system of a superfast underground subway. The first episode of the series portrayed a conflict of a utopian liberal society with a city of cruel mutants, who were not grotesque, but even more physically attractive than human beings, who enslaved normal humans with the help of “electronic wands”. The second episode (which would today be seen as highly politically-incorrect), portrayed a society ruled by women – where the hero, played by John Saxon, resolves the problem of female dominance by simply seducing the queen of the tribe.

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What do you think of Allan Hyde? Are you excited for new Dr. Who?