New creature to appear on ‘True Blood’?

Rumours have suggested that werepanthers will appear in future episodes of True Blood.

TV Guide reports that the speculation began when a panther was photographed on the set of the show.

Fans have now suggested that the news could mean that Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) will be transformed into a werepanther as he is in the novels by Charlaine Harris.

Kwanten said: “I’ve been working with the panthers and they’re a lot cooler than the wolves.”

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Ghost Whisperer Producers to Bring us Ghost Town and Ghost World

You know around the DC offices we’re total paranormal buffs. Still, not a single one of us could stomach watching the TV show “The Ghost Whisperer”. Hopefully, though, the show’s producers, Kim Moses and Ian Sander, can capture something of spectral interest with their latest shot at paranormal spookery, “Ghost Town” and “Ghost World”.

Moses and Sander are behind “Ghost World.” Written by What About Brian creator Dana Stevens and produced by ABC Studios, it is about a ghost on the other side who helps an ambitious young female homicide detective solve crimes in the hopes of uncovering clues to his own life and death and centers on the mysterious, intense and sometimes infuriating connection the two feel toward each other.


Ghost World sounds interesting. I might have to check that out. What do you think of today’s TV news?