Paranormal is the new hot thing in the market. Vampires, werewolves and witches are the items chosen by the teen scene of the 21st century. So what about banshees? “My Soul To Take,” the first book in Rachel Vincent’s new Soul Screamers series, is bound to catch the eye of the new-age young adult.

Why banshees? you may ask. But ask yourself this: Why not? Who wants to follow the crowd? Defiantly, not Vincent, in going out of her way to find something no one else would even think of to be the next great thriller – and her love for different creatures we also have to thank. She drew much of her inspiration from the wars of the Irish banshees. But a regular little story off the tales of old would not do. So, she went out of the box to make it her own.

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What you tinking about it? Are banshees also interesting? Are you going to read Rachel Vincent’s first young adult book?