‘True Blood’ Finds Alcide’s Protective Sister

From being the Painted Lady on “Heroes”, Dawn Olivieri will make a transition to become a werewolf on “True Blood”. The actress has been cast in the vampire series as Janice Herveaux, one of the new characters added into the third season.

From the last name, Janice is identified as the sister of Alcide, the werewolf who has a mutual interest in Sookie. Janice’s role in the series is to be protective toward her younger brother. She is described as “a tough-as-nails biker chick” who is “into horoscopes and psychics”. Her first appearance will be in episode 4 titled “9 Crimes”.

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Awesomely useful NYTimes timeline of ABC’s Lost universe

Here’s something cool on the eve of the sixth-season premiere of ABC’s Lost: an interactive timeline, with video and audio references, of the show’s history, stretching back to the 19th century.

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The Ultimate Super Guide To Science Fiction In February

Are you ready to fall in love with science-fiction all over again in February? There’s the final season of Lost, Connie Willis appearances, and a ton of awesome conventions. Peer into your immediate future with the io9 calendar! (Now updated!)

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What do you think of Dawn Olivieri being cast as Alcide’s sister? Does she fit the part?

Love that Lost timeline – I cannot wait for tonight’s episode.