Major Vampire Diaries Spoilers: May Sweeps, Season Finale Scoop!

Let’s look a bit farther down the line.

As the television season enters May Sweeps, shows across the dial will ramp up the drama, suspense and storytelling. The Vampire Diaries is no different, as viewers can expect the following developments to take place over the next few weeks:

* Stefan and Damon finally reveal to Elena how they became vampires.
* Damon and Alaric partner up to stop Jonathan Gilbert, who is headed for a confrontation with Pearl.
* Elena’s first meeting with her birth mother doesn’t end well.
* As detailed by a CW press release: On the season finale, “Johnathan Gilbert sets a plan in motion that brings Founder’s Day to an end amid chaos, destruction and death.”



iF MAGAZINE: What’s been the biggest surprise about the whole VAMPIRE DIARIES experience?

IAN SOMERHALDER: This whole experience is a surprise. It’s like having a secret that we didn’t tell anyone and we were hoping that they would like it as much as we did. And they did for now! Until people stop watching! The whole experience is amazing. This group of people, our crew, is the most phenomenal crew I’ve ever met in my career. And this cast, I love and adore them. We have a blast. I have so much respect for them. And have amazing craft service. The best.

iF: You and Paul Wesley seem to have a great onscreen rapport. Was it there since the day you started?

SOMERHALDER: We love each other. We are like brothers. We dress alike. It’s kind of freaky. But we do have a great rapport. The thing is I realize this: I could be doing this with anyone else… Paul is such a phenomenally talented committed actor, and he’s my good friend, and we could be doing this with anybody else and we got lucky. We worked really hard to get these roles and we’re going to continue to work even harder to keep them.

iF: Damon and Stefan have quite a history together, with Damon often pulling of some outrageous antics. What do you think is Damon’s motivation for his behavior?

SOMERHALDER: Love. Love and loneliness for his brother and missing his girl and missing his brother. Damon’s a lonely bastard. Imagine being that old.

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Bullet dodged: Fox kills Americanized Torchwood

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed blog:

Fox has decided not to pursue a U.S. version of the UK cult hit. The network was developing a stateside version of the “Doctor Who” spinoff, a prospect which divided fans.

“BBC Worldwide Productions and the FOX Broadcasting Company have mutually agreed not to progress together with a 13-episode serialized ‘Torchwood’ format,” said BBC Worldwide in a statement. “We are currently in discussion with several interested networks.”

Sounds like BBC still wants to jump-start an Americanized version of the show.

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I’m excited for the upcoming episodes of Vampire Diaries. All the spoilers sound great especially Elena meeting her birth mom.

What do you think of the spoilers?

Sounds like Torchwood is a no go, were you hoping to see an Americanized version of that show?