ABC admits Lost’s final moments were meaningless

The Lost finale may not have answered all of our questions and settled our long-raging debates. But ABC has decided to go ahead and answer one question viewers had: Why were pictures of wreckage flashed during the end credits?

At the end of the finale set pics of the destroyed Oceanic 815 plane were flashed with the credits, leaving many loyal viewers to deduce that these images actually all meant something. Perhaps these images meant that no one survived the original plane crash, since no survivors were in the shot. And therefore all six seasons of the show never happened at all.

But the LA Times has the answer, and it turns out you’re thinking too hard:

“The images shown during the end credits of the ‘Lost’ finale, which included shots of Oceanic 815 on a deserted beach, were not part of the final story but were a visual aid to allow the viewer to decompress before heading into the news,” an ABC spokesperson wrote in an e-mail Tuesday.


‘Futurama’ exclusive: Exec producer David X. Cohen previews the return

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: One cancellation and four direct-to-DVD movies later, you’re on the air again. That was some journey. How surprised are you to be back?
DAVID X. COHEN: I would say it’s just sinking in now. This journey started seven years ago with a call from Fox that we were off the air — which wasn’t a big difference from being on the air, actually, the way we were being shown sporadically at that time. So we packed our bags and went our separate ways and had no expectation of coming back in any form at that time. And it really took the high ratings [of reruns] on Adult Swim to plant any kind of a seed that there might be more life in this thing. And, gradually, the idea of the DVD movies filtered through to 20th Century Fox Television [which produces the show], and they called us up a few years after that idea was sent to them and we started our return to life that way. We did four DVD movies and our hopes started to rise because of what Family Guy had done. They had gone a similar route and come back to TV, so we kept our fingers crossed and waited for the results from those DVDs and evidently they did okay.… We’re grateful to be here and we were definitely saved by our fans’ enthusiasm.

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Heroes: Will the Wrap-Up Movie Happen? Greg Grunberg Has Doubts and Hopes.

NBC recently cancelled its sci-fi TV show, Heroes, after four seasons on the air. The ratings have been in decline for a long time and it just wasn’t feasible to bring it back as a weekly series.

Heroes creator Tim Kring has said that he’s working on finding ways to continue the saga in some way. NBC’s primetime entertainment president, Angela Bromstad, has indicated that they’ve already begun discussions about wrapping up the show with a two-hour movie.

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Are you excited for the new season of Futurama?

Would you want to watch a 2 hour Heroes movie? Or are you just done with it?