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Vampire movies had been out of vogue since the ’90s, taking a “dirt nap” until 2008’s Twilight regurgitated them back into popular culture in a big way. Now there’s a whole host of vampire-themed movies and TV shows to choose from, supplanting this decade’s zombie fixation with their pale-skinned supernatural brethren.

Fantasy author and movie producer Neil Gaiman was recently asked about the importance of vampires in cinema, and he ultimately said that vampire movies should go back to the grave from whence they came. Gaiman gave credence to a few vampire movies, however, which he said helped to broaden the genre. One movie Gaiman cited was Roman Polanski‘s Dance of the Vampires.

Vampires go in waves, and it kind of feels like now we’re finishing a vampire wave; at the point where they’re everywhere. It’s probably time to go back underground for another 20 or 25 years.

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I totally agree with Neil Gaiman. I personally think that vampires are just a fad for some people and it will die out. But there will always be the group of people that will follow vampires everywhere.

Do you agree this wave of vampire movies will be over soon?