Never Ceese by Sue Dent
Chapter 20 by Angela
Edited by Krystal & Rose

Rodney and Kyle stand at the exit of the concourse waiting for Richard and Ceese to deplane. As they wait Kyle expresses his concern that Cassie may find out Rodney has been secretly intercepting her emails and routing them to Dr. Henderson. Rodney reassures Kyle that he was careful and covered his tracks.

When Richard and Ceese finally exit the plane, Richard notices two young men holding a sign marked Cassie Felt and is immediately suspicious that Cassie herself didn’t come to meet them. Richard respecting Ceese’s ability to sense things about others, questions her about the boys, but she says nothing and they continue toward Rodney and Kyle to ask them why Cassie did not come.

Questions for consideration:

Why do you think Richard agreed to go with the boys if he was suspicious?

What do you think about Rodney not believing what Richard and Ceese are?

What are your favorite quotes from this chapter?

Never Ceese by Sue Dent
Chapter 21 by Angela, Krystal, Rose

Back in England, Marissa checks Richard’s email as he had instructed her to and sure enough there was a new email from Cassie asking if Richard and Ceese had changed their mind about coming to New York. Concerned that Cassie never received Richard’s email, Marissa resends the confirmation email and signs off, hearing someone call for her in the other room. The stranger had arrived not long after Richard and Ceese had left for New York. At first Marissa resisted his requests, but now he was a permanent fixture at the house until Richard’s return and she was to tell no one of his visit.

Meanwhile in New York, Cassie retrieves the email and reads it for the first time. Looking at the date and time she realizes why she never saw it before, Rodney had obviously deleted it when he was ‘downloading that patch’. Determined to get to the airport Cassie looks for her keys, but cannot find them. Giving up she grabs her cell, calls a cab and patiently waits outside.

Questions for consideration:

Who do you think is occupying Richard’s house in his absence and why would Marissa let them stay?

Why do you think Ceese forgives Richard so easily?

Why do you think Rodney is willing to help Richard and Ceese?

What is your favorite quotes from this Chapter?

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