Never Ceese by Sue Dent
Chapter 12 by Krystal

For the next few days Mama and Ceese are inseparable; leaving Richard alone. One morning, Mama summons him to her room and asked what happened the other night that made Ceese so distant. Richard tries one last time to convince Mama to let him curse her, but she won’t allow it and he leaves. In pain, Mama summons Marissa so she could call a doctor.

At dinner that evening, Richard came to a dark empty room with no one around. Searching the house, he heads to Mama’s room and finds everyone huddled around her bed. Marissa explains that the doctor said she doesn’t have long and Ceese has not left her side. Mama wakes and tells Richard that him and Ceese must stick together and go see Cassie. She asks if he knows, but a confused Richard just looks back. Thinking it’s for the best, Mama passes away.

Questions for consideration:

How did you feel about the death of Mama/Penny now that it has arrived?

Poor Ceese and Richard can only express their emotions through violence; do you think they can ever get along or learn better ways to communicate and express themselves?

Do you think now that Mama is gone; Richard will try and get rid of Ceese?

Never Ceese by Sue Dent
Chapter 13 by Dawn, Krystal

The next night the moon was full and Richard looked at the stars to tell the time, he hadn’t thought about Ceese and a howl rings in the distance. Following the sound, Richard finds Ceese circling Mama’s grave and watches her from a distance for a long time. When Ceese changes back, Richard notices her shivering and tries to bring her his coat, but she bolts off into the trees. He calls for her and she allows him to cover her, picks her up and starts walking back to the castle. Tired, Ceese passes out in his arms.

As Richard climbs the front steps to the manor, Ceese wakes and moans about Penny really being gone. Richard sadly agrees, but says its what Penny wanted. Ceese replies that she wants it too; she wants to be happy like Penny is. Not knowing how to reply, Richard stays quiet and tries to put Ceese down on her bed. Ceese desperately tries to tell him she doesn’t want to be in the bed because that’s where people die. He lays her on the floor and turns to get a blanket, but when he looks back Ceese is gone. Noticing movement under the bed, Richard hands her the blanket and heads to leave, but Ceese asks him to stay with her until she’s asleep.

Questions for consideration:

What do you think of the way Richard cares for Ceese? Is it just because of Penny?

What do you think about what Ceese said to Richard about telling father?

Why do you think Richard stayed with Ceese under the bed?

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