nbclosangeles.com: VAMPS CLEAR YOUR CALENDARS!

The sexy-sexy Vampire Con may have just wrapped, but best not stow those golden contacts and velvetine capes just yet. Twilight Moms, and other “Twilight” fan sites, are reporting some Twiverse-stoking news: Summit Entertainment — the company behind the “Twilight” films — and Creation Entertainment — the company behind some of the biggest genre conventions in the world — have teamed up for a traveling Twilight Convention that’s making for LA in March.

March 12th-14th, 2010, to be exact. Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz — two of the Cullen siblings — are on the starry line-up. Expect other convention-y touches, like photos ops and signings and dressing-up opportunities.

Good plan. Fans will show. “Droves” seems a fine word here. After all, “New Moon” is due in theaters in November — that will make a few dollars — and future Comic-Cons and appearances will only keep the “Twilight” train a-rollin’. Train? We meant silver Volvo S60 R.

Check it out here.

I don’t know about you guys but I just CANNOT get enough of Twilight! I will definitely try to make it to this convention!

Will you plan on attending?