Navarro’s Promise

Breeds, Book #17

By Lora Leigh

ISBN# 9780425239780

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Mica Toler has grown up around Cassie Sinclair and they are best friends, even if they do get on each other’s nerves from time to time.  Growing up around Cassie though, means that Mica has also grown up around the Breeds.  And, one Breed in particular has always caught Mica’s eye … Navarro Blaine.  She has known that if anything ever happened between them though, that he would break her heart.  Not to mention they both have been tested for mate compatibility and they are definitely not mates!

However, when she gets caught in the city with twelve teams of enemies trying to capture her, Navarro drops everything to come to her rescue.  Unfortunately, after the rescue, both of them are stuck at Sanctuary together since there are no heli-jets available and the added risk of trying to move her with so many people after her.

Navarro is a Wolf Breed that looks completely human.  He was created to fit in anywhere, disguise himself, lie, and be the ultimate deceiver.  He has recessed Breed genetics, but where most recessed Breeds senses are weaker, his are actually stronger.

The Breeds are finding anomalies with the mating heat now and it appears that Mica and Navarro are another couple to break the mold.  The two weren’t supposed to even be compatible, but when they get together there is no denying what has happened.  However, with Navarro’s recessed genes, he very well may be the first Breed that can actually walk away from the mating with no ill-effects.  Unfortunately, his mate will feel every torturous minute.  Will Navarro keep his promise to Mica to always protect her?  Or will he walk away from the one woman made for him, when push comes to shove, to keep his beast inside from coming to the surface?  And, if a mate goes unclaimed, can another Breed step in to take their place?

I wanted to like this book, but it really wasn’t a favorite of mine.  I found the first half of the book to be kind of boring after the initial attack on Mica.  It was a bunch blah blah blah of how Navarro and Mica didn’t really want to be mates and how Navarro was not feeling the same things Mica was.

The ending of the book was better.  And kudos to Josiah for stepping up and taking on a dangerous wolf so that Mica’s pain could finally come to an end.  It could have seriously backfired on him and it made me truly respect him since I felt he was weak up to that point.  It’ll be interesting to see him again when he finds his own mate.

I also couldn’t understand how one prisoner of the Breeds could get out so many different times.  And, also if he was the one that created the threat to Mica, why on Earth did they keep her at Sanctuary?

Overall this book was just okay and I hope the next one in the series can knock my socks off because this one did not!