Title: Nanami

Series: Theatre of the Wind

By:   Éric Corbeyran


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When Nanami, a bored adolescent living life on automatic, finds a strange book that appears to be “inhabited,” she tracks down the book’s owner only to be introduced to something even stranger: a theatre troupe whose members get projected into a parallel universe during rehearsal. The universe in question is the thrilling and romantic — but dangerous — world in which their play is set and in which wallflower Nanami becomes a warrior princess fighting for her life and her kingdom. (Goodreads)


I am not a prolific graphic novel reader, but I do pick up a book or two occasionally. This book jumped out at me and so, I picked it up from NetGalley for a Sunday afternoon read.

Nanami is a young girl bored with school and not knowing exactly where she fits in. Her friend Chloe is a classic teenager – interested in clothes, boys and is doing well enough in school. On the other hand, Nanami is on a downward spiral with respect to her grades. This of course causes issues with her parents.  One day she finds a book and when trying to return it, she stumbles across a theatre troupe. What is unusual is that this troupe practices in a parallel universe. Nanami is encourages to join by the director. Her role becomes the warrior princess, displacing another troupe member. This certainly did not bode well.

I found Nanami (Theatre of the Wind, #1) an enjoyable introduction to the series. While there is a certain amount of depth lacking, which I would have liked, I imagine that the depth will emerge as the series continues. Overall, a good introduction to the main characters. And the author certainly portrayed the teen attitude very well.

The graphics were pretty good, but what really drew me to the book was the cover as well as one of the first pages where a cat was sleeping on a book. The expressions the characters had (giving an embarrassed smile or an annoying look) was well captured.

I enjoyed this introduction to the series and await the arrival of the remainder of the series and another free Sunday ☺.