Our friends over at are pleased to announce the launch of their first new contest of the year called The “Love Spelled Backwards is Love” Valentine Fan Fiction Challenge!

Here are the deets:

“Yeah, we know that love spelled backwards is actually evol, but it’s our little homage to one of our favorite scenes in The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

This challenge is a call for authors to write a one-shot story about love and submit it to the MVF fan fiction archive.  We have 4 categories to chose from:

The “Black Rose” category for Best Dark Romance

The “Pappy Dan” category for Best Lemon

The “Snuggle Buddy” category for Best Fluff &

The “House of Southern Blue Blood Vampire Academy Mystery Slayer Diaries” category for best non-Twilight fan fiction.

We will also have a Judges Choice award and The “Ebert & Roeper” Award for the best/most prolific reviewer.

This challenge accepts stories for ANY fandom, ANY pairing, ANY rating and ANY category.  So, that little lemony story about a human Jasper/Edward IS allowed. 😉  All stories must meet the minimum submission requirements for MVF fan fic, and they must be rated correctly, with the appropriate disclaimers.

Each author can enter up to 2 stories, but they MUST be in different categories. This way, our Twilight authors can enter in one category, and feel free to expand to other fan fic fandoms as well!  Collaborations are welcome, but they count towards to the 2 story limit.

In addition to award banners, we are giving away real prizes too! The winner in each category will receive a handmade, personalized, canvas tote bag. Each tote will contain extra surprises!

The full list of details can be found here at

Sounds fun! Pop on over the challenge.