My Soul to Lose

Soul Screamers, Book # 0.5

By Rachel Vincent

ISBN# 9781426838675

Author’s Website:

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Kaylee and Emma are at the mall preparing and plotting their revenge on Kaylee’s ex-boyfriend.  He broke up with Kaylee days before the homecoming dance to ask Emma out!  However, while there Kaylee got what she is calling a panic attack, but it’s more than that.  She gets a feeling of doom that somebody is going to die and this time she saw shadows wrapping around the boy in question.  The scream built inside of her until the point that she had to let it out or explode from the inside out.  Once she started screaming she couldn’t stop.  And, that is how she found herself in the Lakeside Mental Health Center and she’ll do just about anything to go back home.

I enjoyed Kaylee and Emma and was interested in their plot for revenge.  These two seem like great friends although it seems like they may be a couple girls you wouldn’t expect to be friends.  Emma seems outgoing and I got the sense she was popular (although it was a small snippet to judge by) and Kaylee seems like the shy awkward friend.

Then all hell breaks loose and Kaylee ends up in a mental institution.  Then, right as it seems like she’s finally getting her wish to go home the book ends.  What!?! 

This book is just a teaser to get you interested in the story, it seems and isn’t a complete story at all.  In fact, it would be better off as the beginning of book one instead of a completely different title.  It reminds me of those books you can get free on your kindle that are just a scene or two and then you have to buy “book two” to get the next scene.  And, let me tell you … I hate that crap!  Obviously there is more going on with Lydia and the boy they brought into Lakeside that can help Kaylee learn more about what’s going on with herself, but this story doesn’t tell you what’s going on.  I’m assuming they will be like their own little society or club soon enough … but again you have to read the next book to find out anything.  Let’s just hope that one is a full story at least!