My Big Fat Fake Honeymoon

Big, Fat, Fake, Book #3

By Lauren Landish

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*Beware of possible spoilers*

Abi was at her sister’s wedding when she met Lorenzo, who happens to be her best friend’s cousin.  She was about to step out of her norm and have a wild night of passion with him, when he snuck out of the reception.  She was disappointed, but with her own business to run she doesn’t have time to mourn the loss of a good time.

Several weeks later she and her assistant, Janey, are in Aruba on business.  Famous internet influencer, Claire Johnson, is getting married and has hired Abi as her florist for the big wedding.  This job could make or break Abi’s business and everything has to be perfect.

Abi runs into her high school nemesis, Emily, at check-in.  Emily is in Aruba on her honeymoon and wastes no time rubbing it in that she’s getting married and that Abi is the only one of her siblings that isn’t married.  Out of nowhere a familiar voice comes to her rescue!  Lorenzo snuggles up to her and plays the part of sexy attentive boyfriend when Abi throws out that he’s her husband and they’re on their honeymoon too! Lorenzo, being the good sport he is, goes along with Abi’s lie.  He was hired last minute to cook for the wedding when the bride fell in love with his fettuccine.  Now, he and Abi, must continue their farce for the week while also doing their jobs to make the wedding go off without a hitch.

However, the more time Abi and Lorenzo spend together, the more real their relationship feels.  But their week in paradise eventually comes to an end and they both must come back down to Earth.  Surely the two will go their separate ways now that they’re back home, each thinking that’s what the other wants.  But when family and friends intervene anything is possible if the two aren’t too hard-headed to fight for what they want!

I’ve loved all of the books in this series.  Abi has been such a big part (and comic relief) of the other books, I was dying to read her story.  And, it did NOT disappoint!  She was her usual quirky self and Lorenzo was hot!  I loved his sexy Italian-ness!

“You don’t have to do that, you know? Say all that romantic stuff,” I tell him, ducking my chin down. “I get it. It’s fake. Been there done that with my family, except I’m smart enough to not get caught in the ‘feels’ trap.”

He lifts my chin with his other hand. “I’m Italian. We are romantic. I simply say what I think.”

I don’t know many men that would have come to Abi’s rescue with Emily, not to mention one who would play along with the whole honeymoon scheme.  However, Lorenzo took it all in stride and even made a point to schedule some romantic dates for the two of them.  It makes me want a Lorenzo of my very own!  Abi and Lorenzo had great chemistry that leapt off the page letting the reader truly feel it.

“Are they leaving to have sex?” Ross makes a gagging sound as if he can’t fathom his sister having sex, much less fucking me in the elevator, which feels like a very real possibility.

I wonder if there are security cameras there too?

“More likely to find the closest Justice of the Peace,” Courtney answers. I recognize her and her husband, Kaede, from the wedding when I first met Abigail. And I like the way she thinks.

If I put a ring on Abigail’s finger and my cock inside her, I could stop her from ever leaving me again. The idea has merit.”

This was a sweet and fun read and I really hope we get more books in this series.  I mean Archie has to find his love, right?  And, Janey too!  I’m not ready to say goodbye yet so I’m hoping Landish has more books in the works!

“we both know that whatever comes our way, we’ll greet it with a smile and a barely half-formed plan. It’s who we are, still spontaneous and slightly crazy but together, no matter what.”