4 star rating
Mundus Cerialis 
Space: 1889 & Beyond: Season 2 Book #2
By Sharon Bidwell & Andy Frankham-Allen
ISBN# 9781611874938
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mundus-cerialis-space-1889-and-beyond-sharon-bidwell-andy frankham-allenSynopsis:

The Heart, a mysterious ancient life form around which the Earth’s moon was shaped, contains the secrets of the ages. Secrets it is willing to share with humanity. Only the British Empire is telling no one, not even their allies. In a concealed base, researchers are developing a method to push the Empire beyond the limits of the Asteroid Belt. To succeed, they need certain, previously unknown, minerals and metals.

To that end they have assembled a top covert team: Scientific genius, Professor Nathanial Stone; American adventuress, Miss Annabelle Somerset; and the former captain of the Royal Navy’s flagship, Jacob Folkard, who is linked telepathically to the Heart. Before the mission can begin, though, they require one more person: French mineralogist extraordinaire, Arnaud Fontaine.

Their journey takes them on a detour to Messor Base, a mining instillation on Ceres, the largest body in the Asteroid Belt. Things are not running as smoothly as they appear. People are missing, fresh meat is being served in the canteen… How far will Dylan Blayney, administrator of the base, go to keep the truth hidden?

For in the world of Ceres, something has been disturbed, and a great price must be paid. (Goodreads)


Now this is what I was expecting of this series. I loved the heavier sci-fi elements of this story. The first book helped to get a better picture of the characters so in this story, you already have some of the key traits of each. As well as learning more about them.

This is a short story but the author has put together a very interesting world and beings that continued to make me want to find out more throughout the story. When we do find out what is going on, it’s quite horrifying. So adding to the tag is horror along with sci-fi, steampunk and of course fantasy.

My favorite line in this story was said by Annabelle…

 “Every stage in their journey constituted a beginning and an end of sorts. The past made a person who they were. No good or bad moment should be forgotten, ignored. yet sometimes the past should be put to rest, and sometimes it should not.”

That is so true of life the difficult part at times is trying to figure out what to keep and what to let rest.

This was a great addition to this series.  I highly recommend it to young adults and adults who enjoy mystery, sci-fi, steampunk , fantasy and horror in it’s truest sense. I can’t wait for the next book.