‘Youngblood’-Director Brett Ratner told MTV News ‘Twilight’-Star Robert Pattinson belongs in his comic book adaptation.

“Definitely Robert Pattinson” Ratner told MTV News when asked if he had any actors in mind for his upcoming film based on a comic book series about a government-sanctioned team of superheroes. “He just feels like he belongs in that world.”

“I don’t only see him as a vampire,” explained Ratner. “He’s a really good actor. He could do anything. He just has that look. … I picture him on Youngblood, for sure.”

Ratner promised that the big-screen version of “Youngblood” would retain some of the mature themes of its source material, which often served as a commentary on current social and political trends, as well as the nature of celebrity. “My vision for it is, we’re going to make a very edgy, cool film,” Ratner said. “We’re not soft-pedaling it at all.”

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This is really interesting -I think Robert would be great for the part of former FBI agent – known as Shaft.

What’s your opinion – is it a good idea of Brett Ratner to picture Rob as a part of the fictional superhero-team ‘Youngblood’? Did you know that it’s a comic book, created by Rob Liefeld?