The Brothers Grimm

Rated: PG-13

Brought to you by OBS staff member Annabell Cadiz

The Brothers Grimm takes place in French occupied Germany in the 1700s. The movie is set around the fairytales written by the famous brothers Grimm, Will (Matt Damon) and Jacob (Heath Ledger). The brothers travel around Europe as con artists, deceiving peasants into believing they are witch hunters and slayers of monsters.

They end up being captured by a French general and are sent to investigate a town which is believed to have a curse upon it. The woods surrounding the town seem to take on a life of their own where a big bad wolf stalks the night looking for children and a something very evil and very ancient wants to be freed from it’s prison. Will and Jacob come to find out the very fairytales they have spent their entire lives creating themselves, may just end up being more of a reality than they had realized.

There are some points of The Brothers Grimm I did enjoy: Heath Ledger does a wonderful job in this movie. I love watching him on screen! He is one of my favorite actors. The CGI was actually quite nice. The colors and costumes offered a great contrast to the dark fairytales being told.

The fairytales are dark, ghoulish, and bloody, managing to stay true to the atmosphere of the stories written by the Grimm brother’s.

The movie has it’s moments of humor but also moments of dry acting. At certain points I was just drowning out the movie until a little something would peek my interest again. The pace of the movie makes no sense, it’s too quick and erratic which is terribly annoying.

This is not a movie geared toward everyone, you’re either going to like it or hate. Children under the age of teenage hood shouldn’t see this movie. But for all you lovers of the dark, you will be delighted by this quirky film.

Running Time: 118 minutes

Director: Terry Gilliam

Rating: 8/10 stars