After holiday releases always seem a bit slow. This week we bring you only one supernatural genre film.

Transylmania (Nationwide)

Comedy, Horror (R)

(From Comingsoon.net) In “Transylmania,” a motley group of college students embark on the wildest, sexiest, most outrageous semester abroad ever at Razvan University. Located deep in the heart of the “cursed land” of Transylvania in a centuries-old castle, Razvan isn’t your typical institution of higher learning – and the black leather-clad professors, three-foot-tall dean, instruction in crucifix-wielding, and topless vampiresses lurking in dark corners are just the start. It seems Castle Razvan was overtaken by a band of vampires led by the feared Vampire King Radu in the dark ages who’s come back to reclaim it.

Another farse by the director and writers of National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze, Transylmania should be a funny and exciting.

Are you going to see this or something else this week? If so, what.