Last year we were all thrilled to see for the first time anything related with the twilight movie. I still remember the feeling of seeing the official one-sheet of Edward and Bella and then got to see the whole Cullen Family. The characterization of the vampires was simple, it had a cold gray and black background with some clouds. We can interpret this as Bella’s relation with Edward at the beginning, the cold of Forks and how this new life felt to Bella. So many different ways. One thing thought, I didn’t like the way the nomads looked and all the shots repeated themselves, they just placed them in a different position. I like Victoria’s her better this time, it has more of a fire spark.   

This time around we’ve been spoiled with many new moon posters and for everyone; there’s posters for the Cullen fans, team Edward/Bella, team Jacob/Bella, for the Wolf Team (view with caution please, OBS will not be responsible for any heart failures) and for all those fans that like the Volturi, although I might say that I would have liked to see some Demetri. 😉

So for today’s New Moon November Special, OBS staff member Krystal has collected a series of new moon poster from all around the world, just like some great fan made posters too.

My favorite new moon poster is the one with all the Cullens and Bella. It’s definitely different from the others; the Cullen pictures and positions are new, they have a milky pale look and there eyes look better, (it shows how well they’ve been fed ;)) they all have expressions that show their New Moon personalities. Alice has her pixie look with a perfect porcelain face. Jasper’s expression is different too, believe it or not, it’s not the same one we’ve been seeing since the start.  All I have to say is that they look amazing! It has a worm brown background, with tress that could be the La Push woods, and since Jacob is the “sun” of this movie that color suits it well.

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There’s a lot of fan made posters with some talented creators. We have Edward in a black cloak at Volterra, a Dakota Fanning as Jane, Bella in the woods after Edward left her, even Bella jumping from the cliff, and all sorts of them. The good thing about a fan making them is that you can let your creativity run wild, add parts of scenes you like or would like to see. Your own vision.

In my favorite fan made poster we have Bella with a light brown and cloudy background. When I first saw it I thought it was official, that shows how good the fan made ones are. In it, it feels like Bella is heading towards an edge, it could be the moment before she jumps from the cliff, the thought of saying good bye to Edward. It looks amazing and it has a  great composition of elements.

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This are just a couple of our little collection. View more here and be the judge, tell us which one is your favorite and which ones look better. Official or Fan made? You choose.